Top 10 mistakes Western men make while dating Russian women (Part 1)

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Today’s video, I would like to list the 5 most common mistakes Western men make while looking for a Russian or Ukrainian wife – from a Western man’s point of view. The original article is written by Sebastian Harris, a dating coach, and published on my Enjoy, guys! 🙂

Transcription of the video tutorial:

krystyna bloggerHello,

I am Krystyna, your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger.

Recently Sebastian Harris, a dating coach, wrote to me and asked to publish a guest post on my His topic propositions were very interesting and I agreed to publish one of his articles. Today’s video, I would like to tell the most common mistakes Western men make while looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman – from a Western man’s point of view. Sebastian has a huge experience with dating Ukrainian women

(1.) You Show No Interest in the Culture

The number one mistake is that Western men do not show any interest in the culture of the girl they spent their time with. Some guys have no idea where Ukraine can be found on a map.

In case you are interested in dating women from Russia or Ukraine, you should at least show some interested in their cultural background. Learn some historical facts about Ukraine and some cultural features.

(2.) You Fall in Love with a Picture

Many men fell in love with a picture, without even meeting the woman who is on the picture. A picture doesn’t tell her personality, her principles and her beliefs.

(3.) You Try to Impress Them with Money

Many Western men still believe (or hope) that all Ukrainian women are gold diggers. This stereotype not only causes a big panic in men, but it also motivates them to act in a way that scares all the serious Russian and Ukrainian women away who don’t want your money.

(4.) You Make Rash Decisions

Love is a wonderful feeling and you want to experience this feeling as fast as you can. I think you love this woman just after one skype conversation. Take your time! But you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions that you might regret after a month or a year.

(5.) You Search a Housewife Instead of Love

Another big mistake is that they want to find Ukrainian or Russian women for the wrong reason. Many men want to find someone who cooks for you and who does the housework. My advice to you is go to Ukraine if you are looking for your soulmate and if your goal is to find the love of your life. Many Ukrainian women have their goals in life and they are not being a housewife.

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