Anastasia Date User Review by Sid

Visited Kiev 3 weeks ago (beginning of May 2014).

I speak Russian (i.e. I am very well understood by Ukrainians who are in essence all fluent in Russian) and know my way around there quite well, i.e. no naive or easy to be fooled American etc.

AnastasiaDate is a cleverly structured and cleverly operated yet still a FAKE business and $$$ milking scheme with nothing to offer as far as actually communicating with any bona fide dating/marriage interested females in Ukraine or Russia.


Also notice: There are no, even pretended “success stories” on their website …. Because there are no real in person dates taking place to start with.

You are in essence lead to waste your credit card charges on silly online “chat” where you do not communicate with females interested in finding a date, not to mention a marriage candidate.

Females – and some males – are just typing – in general non-committal, idle blah-blah of shallow, routine nature with the only and sole objective: to keep the clock running and your “credits” you naively purchased AND are in bait-and-switch illegal trick “automatically” billed for in $20 steps.

In essence, the “noble” AnastadiaDate is credit card on or beyond law-edge milking operation similar to porno-sites.

Women are not real and there is NONE of them actually interested in meeting you over there because this is not why AnastasiaDate is in business.

And if you are so persistent and travel to the town where your make-believe “lady” supposedly resides and ask to meet her (again via $$$ billing, credit card charges clicking website of AD) you will get:

1) made up excuses why she is not available to meet you

2) at the best – when you are really horny for this fake operation and you are still spending $$$ via AD “chat” while in a hotel over there, they send you a “sweeper” a “step-in” for that beautiful girl you “know” from your online chats.

FCC and Australian authorities should have taken this operation out of business long time ago.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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