Review: a cesspool of scamming, pro-dating and insincerity

About 2 years ago, I complained about a date I had in Nikolaev. The interpreter for the date, whom I had gotten to know quite well during the whole day date, had been married a few months earlier and showed me her wedding photos and told all about her wedding day experiences throughout the day. I was shocked to see that she had a profile on the AnastasiaDate site, which I discovered soon after I returned home.

I complained to the AnastasiaDate site, and basically the AnastasiaDate staff told me to prove it. Ha! I replied the best I could, with photos from our date to confirm the woman’s identity and with a copy of her hand-written phone number so you could call her directly.

I also provided some of the stories she told of her football star husband, whom I briefly met when he came in the taxi to pick up the 2 girls at the end of our date. I thought the AnastasiaDate staff could call her up and confront her with the story details, the photos, etc…

anastasia date

Instead, AnastasiaDate finally wrote me 2 weeks later and said the girl provided a copy of her passport which proved that she was not married. Ha again! Probably a 3 month old copy from before her wedding! No refunds or sympathy from the AnastasiaDate site.

I continued to use the AnastasiaDate site, with more caution, but I only found heavily-photoshopped photos, “pro daters” just like the earlier complaint from the doctor above, and “no-show” women who disappear when I finally make it to Ukraine.

In my journeys to Ukraine, I even met an agency owner who told me his agency does not want real dates, just letter-writing and chat. He doesn’t want to lose the revenue generated by his most popular girls, so he lets them keep half of the money the translator receives for the date.

anastasia date

In other words, after the date, the girls “go around the corner” and split the proceeds. They even have a term for this – “quick money” – a perk for the girl for working up the chats and writing the letters.

From my experiences with the AnastasiaDate site, I would lower the AnastasiaDate estimate of good girls from 99% to under 50%. Basically, it’s a cesspool of scamming, pro-dating and insincerity. Too bad most men don’t realize it until they are victims with much lighter wallets and broken hearts.

Dennis Jans



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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