Review: Ukrainian women chasing Western men

You write, “BE REALISTIC!! You should find an older girl and not chase 20 year old girls…”

But with AnastasiaDate, you have it completely backwards: the 19 and 20 year old Ukrainian girls are chasing 49 year old ME! I joined the site a few years ago and until a few months ago I’d receive only a few unsolicited ‘letters’ per month.

And then a few months ago (July 2016) suddenly I began receiving dozens per day, nearly all from 19 and 20 year olds, and I’m 49! I added language to my profile, clearly stating that I’m not interested in women half my age. I even wrote that I would delete letters from these young women without reading them. And yet I still get dozens per day. Most from the same women!

anastasia date

The email notices of letters Anastasia sends to your personal email give the lady’s photo and the first 2 – 3 lines of the text of that lady’s letter. Often times her first lines of text read something like, “Why haven’t you answered my letters?” from a 19 year old named Alla Maria, and my Anastasia Inbox says, “Alla Maria’s 24th letter”. I delete them all without answering.

If those way-too-young-for-me women sending me all those letters aren’t scammers and actually ARE the beautiful young women in the photos, then AnastasiaDate is The Scammer because Anastasia is paying those 19 – 20 year old girls, who would otherwise not be interested in me, to write to 49 year old me.

On the one hand it’s aggravating enough to make you want to cancel your membership. But on the other hand, since Anastasia is effectively the Sacammer by PAYING those young girls to write to me, I’ll keep my account active so hopefully Anastasia will lose money on me because of their deception.


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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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