Anastasiadate Review by Martin

My experience (48 hours old) it is a massive scam – if not anastasiadate, then certainly the girls on their books. I have been seeing a girl since Feb (we first met in Odessa in May) and been communicating frequently. I flew out to Odessa 25 September, all arranged months ago, but hardly saw her.

Of course she liked to receive gifts and bought a couple of things for her new apartment. Keen for me to orgaise a holiday in SE Asia etc. But since Friday evening I have not been able to see her and now her mother is ‘sick’. I still have 4 days to kill in Odessa before my return flight.

Despite all the contact and loving emails I received after our first meeting, when we meet or say goodbye it was like with a female colleague (without hugs of course) or my sister; peck on the cheek and a hand hold with a short hug.

anastasia date review

At no point during our recent time together was there any spontaneous affectionate contact from her. When finally I sent her a message try and sort things out and tackle her about this on Sunday she replied she would not be able to see me for the remaining week I am here, that although I was a ‘good man’ our relationship could only be as friends, but she would not mind the trip to Malaysia…

I should have picked this up when I gave her some money to attend classes to improve her English – she trousered the money like a vacuum cleaner.

You work it out….




Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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