AnastasiaDate Review by Ron: Save you money!

Yesterday after five years and many (…many) thousands of dollars I deleted my so called VIP account. Yes, Gregory is real. Now I am affiliated to no one other than myself.

Yes, Anastasia does use their anti-scam program and if proven reimburses fees or costs. I wrote to, chatted and meet with a lady over four years but on trips to Odessa was very standoffish (un affectionate) and avoided commitment but yes had fallen for her. Now like most scams….” can’t meet going to care for sick Aunty in Russia))))

anastasia date review

One day while in chat I did an instant call. Trust me, this works beautifully. She answered)). Ready though her answer, ”Hi…oh I just arrived in Odessa”.  Me, ” when did you arrive Odessa?” Her, “Today”.

Now switch back to the chat screen type. “Elena, where are you?“. Elena answers, ”I tell you Russia

  • Ron: What you doing?
  • Elena: Walk with sick Aunty. now back in apartment!
  • Ron: Oh how’s the weather in Russia?
  • Elena: Not nice cold.

Now switch back to phone call…

  • Ron: So Elena you are in Odessa?
  • Elena: Yes…”da”
  • Ron: So who is chatting to me on line now telling me all about your day in Russia?
  • Elena: What you talking about??

Switch to chat…

  • Ron: Who are you? I am talking to Elena now on phone in Odessa.

You guessed it)))…. Straight off line.

Now whose is lying…Anastasia? Agency, lady,.. Conclusion all to a degree as the all are making money.

I took screen shots and phone times and numbers, and complained, now to their credit Anastasia reimbursed over $4000. This must of hurt but it’s a drop in the hat when I think of the hours away from work, flights, travelling 30 hours each way on flights, dinners, etc. etc. I am lucky money is money but I “HATE” scams.

Now… Complaints. Fate.

Pop ups are computer programmed. Not real. Ladies are paid to be on cam (by agents, not necessary Anastasia). Agencies’ translators write the letters to you, not the woman. Until it gets serious, the Ukrainian woman you think you are writing too has no idea until you talk about meeting or try to call. If you try to call and they cannot get I touch with the woman, then she is busy, ill or out of the city on business, have don’t have jobs interesting??

When you meet many woman have never seen nor read any letter you think you have written or communicated with them. This does not mean they are not genuine, just un-informed…first positive then it’s up to their interest. (Remember as everyone writes. It’s not in the agency’s fir a connection). Some translators are honest and help some are only interested in money.

Many women get paid by agencies to keep their profiles on. Think about it a beautiful woman is great for Anastasia if also gives the agents (distributors) more power with Anastasia. So it’s not their interest to lose any.

Many woman are on multiple sites regardless of Anastasia’s stance…really so what. So are you! So… Chat is a waste of time…complete lies and the biggest scam. Letters are very close to chat!! Everything as already stated … is to keep you away from personal contact and exchange of personal details.

What to do… Ok so write but have quick plan to come during tour. And see who meets… Phone… in they don’t want to exchange phone or e-mail details. Ditch them as the all have two phones and e-mail… Don’t accept excuses.

There are many genuine women here…but it’s hard to navigate the corrupt agencies. Other scams experienced… Chats by agents or translators. Letters as above. Meetings arranged where woman knows nothing of the ten letters previously exchanged. Woman using other woman side ties to communicate…you are not talking to who you think you are!! Interpreters’ friends split money with the woman. On and on…

anastasia date

How do I know??? Five years thousands of dollars later… good friends with two x interpreters from Anastasia and two women who have left the site disillusioned with the lies they were asked to adhere to.

I have met some nice ladies but in reflection using this site to do it was not worth it.

Conclusion… save you money.




Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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