And… this is my lovely Russian wife!

This gives a new meaning to the words luggage check. This was no typical luggage check on a train heading from Moscow to Nice. Border guards became suspicious when a single passenger was carrying an extremely large suitcase among a few smaller ones.

russian wife

Because of their suspicions they decided to open the extremely large suitcase. In doing so, they were flabbergasted by the contents. It was the passengers’ 30-year-old wife trying to get smuggled across the border. She definitely gives a new meaning to being petite or a contortionist for that matter. I wonder if he bothered to poke air holes in the suitcase for her.

Once the Frenchman knew that his wife was caught all he could say was, “Hi, and this is my wife.” Really? I guess he had a loss for words. This gives a new meaning to the famous words of American comedian, Bill Engvail who says, “Here’s your sign” when people say stupid things.

According to officials, ironically, if she was sitting beside her husband on the train there would not have been a problem. She was eligible to apply for a visa and if she did that there would have been no problem and they could have continued on their way.

The border service stated that hundreds and hundreds of people try very imaginable ways to get across the border. But, this is a new technique that they had never seen before. Normally people who try to illegally cross the border receive jail time, but in this case they were just punished by being returned back to Russia.

If this couple decides to travel in the future, I’m sure they will travel much lighter, with fewer pieces of luggage and a visa for the wife. This is just one more example of the fact that crime doesn’t pay. It doesn’t get you very far on a train either.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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