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I have been acquainted with Mordinson Agency for three years now. I was originally drawn to the longevity of the business and that it was a family operation. My instincts were right as the integrity of this operation could not be better. The girls of the agency are who they present them to be and I knew early on I would stay with the pursuit as long as necessary because Ukrainian girls are truly special.

The personal service and attention to details from the agency is second to none. The letters are a good ice breaker but its meeting the girls face to face that will determine your fate.


I found Kharkov to be a great place to visit with very interesting places to go on the dates. It took me more than one trip to truly connect to a beautiful girl. I will be in Kharkov soon not through the agency but just to see her. I know the agency is there for me to help in any situation and being 5000 miles from home that means allot. I believe I have found my soul mate and its because of Mordinson that this was possible. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for a special Ukrainian lady.


Santa Rosa Beach, FL” 12 January 2012


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2 Responses

  1. Mordinson is simply the best, most honest matchmaking service in Ukraine.

  2. Mordinson:

    “This site and marriage agency company which is family…”

    This site and marriage agency company which is family owned is a failure at times when it comes to customer support or service response. They have been known to be contacted in the past by others and not respond back when contacted.

    Spam advertising has also been known to be acquainted with this site from others.

    Also as well some have stated that there is a case for prejudice especially in their advertising projections from the site which excludes other ethnic groups from being actually projected on the site’s advertising. Their method of exclusion of other ethnic groups especially in their advertising content gives them a very low grade along with the customer support failure and spamming as already mentioned above.”

    Omega R. Sitejabber.

    Bob S:


    I was one of Mordinson’s clients back in 2012.

    Michael’s brother is a professional photographer – in case you wonder about the quality of the pics.

    Notice the reduced amount of information provided with the photographs, so that you will believe that any of these girls are a match.

    He should at least include the guy’s maximum age these girls would consider marrying.

    One first email to any of the girls is free. He will do the translation to Russian and will forward your letter to her. The response will always be positive. Why? Because Mordinson (and probably a second person – I recognized two wording styles) is the one he writes on the girls’ behalf.

    For the “show” to go on you must transfer around 2000 EUR to his bank account and commit to come to Kharkov for a week.

    Ask him about the number of success stories – expect vague answers. Then do an yearly average knowing that he is in business since 1999. If the statistics appears promising to you, then Good Luck!

    For the amount of deception his business is based upon, I would recommend instead one of the walk-in agencies in Kiev. Just google “Kiev marriage agency”

    P.S. Mordinson will probably try to have this review removed. Or he will post some favorable comments disguising himself in former clients as he did on other occasions.”


    To me MORDINSON was a disappointment. I gave them two stars because he (Michael Mordinson) was somehow polite at the surface. However, they are just illusion merchants, and all they care about is getting your money.

    Michael’s brother is a professional photographer, and the provider of a facade of shiny pictures to their webpage. Other than nice pictures, essential information about the girls (like current occupation, what they majored in college, partner’s expected age etc.) is missing.

    He is relaying emails and translating them (even if the girl speaks English), and in the process he censors out information as he please. I have a strong feeling that he writes emails on behalf of the girls, without their knowledge. He knows very well that there is no real interest on the girl side, but he continues the communication and arranges the meetings anyway.

    MORDINSON might work for some. When I asked about success statistics, he avoided a direct answer. In my judgement they can’t claim more than one-two success stories per year.

    My recommendation to you: Join a free dating website and arrange your own meetings, or find somebody that is willing to guide you through the process or at least is neutral. There are walk-in introduction agencies in Kiev that I would recommend, like woman-for-marriage-ukrai… (proactive) and (neutral but genuine).”

    Harley also said truth about Mordinson here:

    Some very good honest resources by someone who personally investigate agencies in Ukraine/Russia, meet them not just talk online with many years in business:

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