FAQ3: Are all Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies dishonest?

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Welcome to my second professional video tutorial series “TOP 5 Most Frequently Asked Ukrainian and Russian Dating Questions”. Today’s video is the third question of the five and we’ll talk about if ALL the Russian and Ukrainian dating and marriage services work dishonest and if good ladies in these countries use their services to find a man abroad. The video is taken by Alexandra Vetter (her official site: av-audiovisuals.com).

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hello, guys! Can we trust Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies? It is said that almost all these services work suspicious and dishonest. Gregg wrote to me:


The statement of another guy “All marriage agencies are dishonest” is incorrect. Certainly, many dating agencies are not serious, but there are enough agencies that offer honest and serious matchmaking services. If a Ukrainian or Russian woman wants to meet a Western man, what a service should she use? Facebook, VKontakte.com or disco? Honestly, such generalizations make me pretty angry. Where do “good” Ukrainian women search for a Western man for life?

The best way is to get the personal contact data (phone numbers, email address or social network profile) of the Ukrainian women as soon as possible to remove any marriage or dating agency from your communications.

In my opinion, this best method you are protected from dishonest services that want to make their money off your correspondence and will be certain to correspond with the lady, not with a hired writer. One of my readers told me that he spent about 2000 euro per week for chatting with a woman on a dating site without having known if the woman is real or not.

The answer is that not all marriage agencies are dishonest and “good” Ukrainian women do use the services of marriage agencies. If you have any questions on Ukraine or Russian dating services, just contact me via my Ukrainiandatingblog.com


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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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2 Responses

  1. Angel says:

    Hoe can i know if my girflfrien from russia is real can how i scan her pictures? I apreciated u attention tanks .

  2. Sam. Malikyar says:

    To Ukrainian Dating Service : Hi Krystyana :

    My name is Sam. American Citizen and love Ukrainian ladies. Because they are beautiful , lots of charm and sophisticated and different then all counties of Europe. I had been. Four times in Kiev each year stay two weeks. I know Imspent a lot of money. But so far I did not find a lady to real love or want to live with me., I am a little bit old. 62 years of age. 5.8 hight and 70 kg still active my job is Interior Design and Intravellnevery three month out of Californis. I have been in contact more the four dating& Marriage agency and dated more the 10 women from age 25 to 45 but useless. I will be in Kiev. Again on July 25th for a week and will meet another three ladies . Can you advise me what should Indo ? Sam

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