review: the women are real, but work there

The women in site are real and they work there. On the site they censure words such as google, skype, whatsup, Emails, Phone Numbers, Internet links with xxxxxx. So they control on your letters and the chats and can change the translation. All they care on the site is that you will have a membership to read the letters and to buy credits to chat, this is their way to earn money from you.

If you want to meet a woman in Ukraine, then you need to have intimate request and pay 50$. I met last month a woman from their site in Kiev. The woman is the same that represented me in the site. The same in her photos and in the online camera in the chat.


In Kiev an introduction agency called “grace family” arranged my meeting with a woman and took 20$ for this and also gave me a receipt and a Roshen chocolate box. The meeting was in a fancy restaurant with great view of the city called “Matisse” in Kiev. The woman didn’t need a translator and spoke English very well.

All she cared about is the dinner, and it was overpriced even for a Western man and cost 150$, like the average monthly salary in Ukraine! At the end of the meeting I had the woman Email, but she continued to stay on the site and insisted to contact me only from there.

Why a woman with a high level in English needs this site, why she doesn’t write me directly. Only after our meeting I realized, she earned money from this site for the online chats and the letters. Of course there was no intimacy because it is a public place, and it looks like the woman is not interested in me, but in the benefits I can bring her, and not love for sure.

Don’t be suckers, only waste of time and money and a broken heart will come from the Ukrainian introduction sites. It is a shame for the women and this country that it is a legitimate work there.




Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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