How Russian & Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Scam Works…

Russian & Ukrainian Dating Report: How Scammers work

According to Russian dating expert Elena Petrova, online dating scammers affect 99% of Western men who use Internet dating sites to find a woman from Russia or Ukraine. Millions of Dollars are lost to fake ‘Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides’. Almost every male user of Russian and Ukrainian online dating services has been affected by scammers.

How does Ukrainian and Russian dating scam work? Western men looking for a special woman from Ukraine and Russia through online dating services often receive messages from ‘Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides’ offering friendship, love and marriage. Most users how have gained experience with the Ukrainian online dating just ignore such “nice” messages; however some Western men are curious and can be sucked in. Many dating scammers have a great number of identities and feature different sets of photos which are often downloaded from the Internet.

After a short “very nice” communication, “Ukrainian mail order brides” request money for airplane tickets, language courses, Internet fees, and medication for the sick mother.

Some facts about online dating scam: The scammers can be located in Russia or Ukraine as well as in any other country. In 2004, an American man was jailed for conducting a Russian/Ukrainian brides scam and defrauding more than 250 victims to the total amount of $737,521. Another group arrested in Russia stole more than $1 million from its victims.



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