How to communicate with a Ukrainian / Russian woman online (Lesson 4)

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My professional Ukrainian and Russian online dating video tutorial No.4 is ready. In today’s video we’ll talk about how to successfully communicate with your Ukrainian or Russian bride online. The video tutorial series is kindly produced by Alexandra Vetter, a good friend of mine and professional video maker (visit her official site:

Enjoy, guys! I would appreciate to hear your comments! 🙂

Transcription of the video

After a long search, he finds a woman who seems to be someone special and writes her the first message like, “Hi. My name is James. How are you?” And … the man waits and waits, and waits for her response. However, the reply never comes. This makes many men very frustrated and desperate.

lesson 4

I recently spoke with a female friend who is still actively looking for a Western husband. She is registered on a famous dating site and gets many messages from men. But only in exceptional cases, the woman answers to the first message. Why so?

Olga told me that only last week, she received about 20 “emoticon” messages.

ukraine dating

You can imagine that she was not very happy about them and had no wish to write back. Then, these “Hello” messages…. Boring, not creative or not informative! Guys, you need only a few minutes to write 2-3 sentences for your very first message to the woman who caught your eye (e.g. tell her why out of all the women on the dating site you write to her, why you like her profile, why you would like to communicate with her, etc.). If you follow these easy tips, I am sure that your woman writes back to you.

This is really important to develop your online communication with the Ukrainian woman in order to become closer. Your communication must answer the questions like your future plans, hobbies, financial situation, parenting, the role of husband and wife in the family and more.

What do you need to know for a better communication with a Ukrainian lady?

#1. Open mind

If you plan on dating women from Ukraine or Russia, you will be well outside of your usual structure. Everything is different in these both countries. Some things will seem strange; some things Ukrainian and Russian women say may not make sense for you. The most important thing you can do is keep an open mind.

#2. Direct contact

This is a key point in building a Western-Ukrainian relationship. You should be in contact at the very least a few times per week (not only messages, but also chatting via Skype). During this period of time you should both be seeing if each person satisfies the needs and wants of the other. You’ll never know this for sure before meeting in person but it is always good to start pushing early on to see if your invested time is going to pay off.

Getting to know a Ukrainian or Russian lady online is not an easy task. However by keeping an open mind, considering your needs and persistence it is more than possible.

Never, never, never give in!
― Winston Churchill

This was the fourth Lesson of the Video-tutorial “5 Steps to Success in Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating” by Krystyna. In the next and last lesson we are going to talk about how to build a happy relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia.




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