In Ukraine Sleeping Beauty Doth Lie

Despite tension between the Ukrainian National Art Museum’s Director and artist, Taras Polataiko, the Sleeping Beauty Exhibit will run between August 22 and September 9, 2012. Polataiko obtained five female volunteers for his Sleeping Beauty exhibit in which these women will reenact the fairy tale by the same name. Each of the women will be displayed in the museum’s central gallery on raised beds and will be ‘sleeping’ for two hours a day. During the women’s slumber, if a male viewer chooses to kiss the princess and the princess awakens, the couple must wed. The sleeping princess will only be allowed to awaken by the kiss of a prince.

To make sure that the women volunteers and the male viewers follow through on the commitment, each volunteer and each male that enters the museum are required to fill out a contract. The contract for the male viewers states that if they choose to kiss a princess and she opens her eyes, he agrees to marry her. The men can only kiss a princess once. In return, the female volunteers signed a contract that states, if they choose to open their eyes upon being kissed, they must wed their prince.

sleeping beauty ukraine

One of the female volunteers stated that she fully believes that if her prince has come, she will intuitively know. No prince has yet to awaken one of these sleeping beauties, but never fear, the art exhibit still has thirteen days to go. Each prince and princess must be 18 years of age to enter into the contracts. Taras Polataiko’s hopes that he is able to create a happily ever after for at least one couple.

Video: Real-life sleeping beauty and suitors try for fairytale love in Ukraine



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