International dating from Ukraine & Russian women’s point of view (Part 2)

In the second part of “International dating from Ukraine & Russian women’s point of view”, I continue to publish the thought-provoking discussion of Russian and Ukrainian women with Olga Machovskaja, author of the book “The Temptation of Emigration” and senior researcher at the Institute of Psychology (Ipran). In the first part, I presented how Russian and Ukrainian women view Western men and what they think about dating and relationship with them. You can read Part 1 here:

As I wrote in Part 1, I am not a professional translator and translated not every word, story or question, but the most interesting and remarkable (in my view) parts of the discussion. So do not judge my translation strictly, please.

Part 2: Russian and Ukrainian women are recalcitrant and insatiable, aren’t they?

Tanja: How can we respond to “black” quips of my foreign husband’ friends? I hate these unending hints that he ordered me from Eastern Europe… Although I have a successful career here and I do not sit on his neck.

Olga M.: You should treat these hints calmly. Most likely, they signal your success. I think these friends are impressed that the Russian woman came to their country, has built a career during several years and does not sit on the neck of her husband.

Olga Machovskaja

Olga Machovskaja

There is another danger. Foreign men are not often happy if the wife becomes more successful than him. Think about: they got married to a poor and distressed woman from Russia or Ukraine; she, instead of thanking him for the redemption, finds power to start working successfully. A few years later, the position of the wife may be better than the position of the husband. So if you want to develop your career as well as save your marriage, try to behave wisely and not hurt feelings of your foreign husband. Do not demonstrate your achievements every time and do not forget to thank your husband for his help.

Question: I have communicated with a man from Holland. He has written me that he had to declare bankrupt. He wants to marry me but does not invite me to visit him in Holland because he wants to move to Russia. What to do? Help.

Olga M.: The main question is what he wants to do in Russia. Do you have to support him? Does he speak Russian? Does he have partners in Russia? His desire to go to Russia looks like an escape from problems and troubles. Russian and Ukrainian women have the reputation of wives who can warm, understand and support. Are you mature for such a challenge? If not, do not be afraid to refuse.

Question: I got married to a Frenchman one year ago. But I made ​​the wrong choice. I have a constant little job and internet. How and where can I start searching for another man because I am still married?

Olga M.: It is very good that you have a job. You have a chance to develop an independent life without moving from husband to husband. To begin, try to divorce with your current husband. The problem of our women is not that they cannot get married but they are not able to build a normal relationship with the foreign husband. If necessary, they are not able to divorce without problems, hassle, material or children losses.

ukraine bride

The fact is Russian and Ukrainian girls behave like angels before marriage. Then, they demonstrate their obstinate character and insatiable desire. Many foreign husbands complain about this. If you do not have a child, you need to divorce. And continue education. Good luck!

Question: Can you comment on the opposite situation, namely: do American and European women look for a partner in Russia? Are there a lot of such women?

Olga M.: The answer is rather NO. The demographic situation in the West is not like in Russia or Ukraine. Many men move to the West and consequently there are much more men than women. As a result, any Western woman has more choices than Russian one. This is the situation in the international marriage market.

Question: Is there true love?

Olga M.: Yes there is, but it is not always international.


In the third part, you will learn more about the failures and achievements of Russian and Ukrainian women in searching for a special man abroad.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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