International Dating Insider Secrets from Tony Bochene – Part 2

Tony Bochene, a career journalist and writer of one of the first-ever ebooks on international dating, reports: Pretty Girls / Ugly Industry (Part 2)

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International dating is something that has changed drastically over the past few years. What was often referred to as mail order brides, is now dead. The only time this term is used these days if by angry news media or a sensationalist.

When someone cannot find the perfect mate in their own country, they seek out other countries for their true love. With the economy being at an all-time low, Mr. Bochene has still seen record numbers of men that are going to other countries to find their romantic partners. The most popular continents for men to go searching for their wives are in Asia, South American and also Russia.

Surprisingly, love is not what drives this industry. There are two demands that drive the international dating world and they are supply and demand. Because the countries have such a horrible economy it is actually quite normal for women to want to migrate to a land where money is no object. The ratio of men to women is also very high in these countries, about 3 to 1. A woman’s chance of finding Mr. Right perhaps could be difficult since there is 1 man for every 3 women.

Mr. Bochene works with two difference companies that do International Dating. The American company says that they screen their women, but in fact they do not. Most of the girls who are looking for an international partner are only interested in their money and what they can do for them. The companies that run these operations are also just concerned with money. Because of these reasons a good deal of the marriages end up annulled within 90 days.

The Russian company is just as bad. Nearly all communication that is between emails and such is fraudulent. The models they use are not actually clients and the women they promote are not even available to the men. When trying to find international dating, avoid the two major American and Russian companies and try to explore other dating sites that have more reputable means.

International Dating Insider Secrets from Tony Bochene – Part 2





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