International Dating Insider Secrets from Tony Bochene – Part 3

Tony Bochene, a career journalist and writer of one of the first-ever ebooks on international dating, reports: Pretty Girls / Ugly Industry (Part 3)

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Tony Bochene is considered an expert when it comes to the area of international dating. He has a strong credible background of working for the two largest dating companies in the world. He has seen many changes in the business that have hurt not only the girls who are serious about meeting a boyfriend or a husband, but also the men who are looking for love.

In this video he discusses the implications of becoming involved in groups that stress lenghty online contact prior to meeting the women in question. Tony brings up several good points regarding the issue that the the money spent sending messages could be better spent once you are actually in the country you are planning to visit.

He also spends time discussing that many of the girls in the videos do not actually read all of the emails that are sent to them on a weekly basis. Many times there are others that are paid to pick through the emails to find the men who are actually coming to visit their country versus the ones who are just looking for more information.

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Another interesting fact is that he explains the different girls who are coming into the scene. He gives tips on what to look for when meeting the women for the first time and behaviors that one should try to avoid in order to not be taken advantage of.

He does not discourage anyone from seeking international love, he only aims for them to do it with knowledge that will protect not only their hearts but their wallets.

Video: Pretty Girls / Ugly Industry – International Dating Insider Secrets (Part 3)




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