International Dating News: Foreign Brides Face Utilization in Canada

The mail order bride in Canada business is thriving because of the internet with false ads and promises to poor women. Why would a woman want to leave the home country and travel to meet or marry a man they do not know? These women live in a poor country with no hope for the future and the ads and false promises are so appealing, that the women risk all to accept the offer.

Canada’s regular immigration laws require education and qualification standards. Seeking a mail order marriage is the easier way for the women to leave the poor country. In lieu of this knowledge there are some men taking advantage of women from poor countries that are seeking a better life in a new country; the men sponsor the travel costs and offer false promises.

Canada’s leaders have referred to the mail order bride as human trafficking and it has become a real bad situation for the country. Canadian laws will recognize overseas marriages; however some women responding to these ads and choose to be a mail order bride; if they wait to marry in Canada, may find their rights and dreams crushed. There are fortunate women that find the mail order bride to be successful for their life and have fine homes and families, but it is those women that are being exploited that is a major problem in Canada.

The agencies that work between both nations have no control over the immigrants that become new brides in Canada and the rights they receive. Once the women arrive in Canada, there are some men who never marry them. Some women find themselves being sexually exploited, beaten and mistreated. Those women generally stay with the man because they fear deportation. Some women may find that they are the fifth or sixth mail-order bride for the man.


When the women seek help, they discover that Canada’s marriage laws do not apply to immigrants. Literally the men can treat the women anyway they want to because there are no laws or protection from abusive men or husbands. Some women bravely leave the man or husband and find a halfway home to live. In doing so, the women face the deportation possibility.

These women are making a choice for life based on untrue information and deceptive promises. If the women knew what their lives would be in Canada, would these women still risk all? Yes, the economic status of the home country is so poor, even the chance of a better life will have them taking the risk.


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