Interview with Alex – Ukrainian dating from a Ukrainian man’ point of view (Part I)

In this exclusive interview with Alex Kravchenko, learn from a Ukrainian man’s point of view why Ukrainian ladies are looking for Western husbands. Moreover, learn the Pros and Cons of free and paid International online dating services. Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing wrong in respect to dating Ukrainian ladies?” Have you been making the same Ukrainian dating mistakes many Western men have made for years? Alex will give you some exquisite advice how to become a winner in your Ukrainian dating adventure.

Krystyna: Hi Alex. Thank you very much for agreeing to answer my questions. Let’s start our interview! First, please tell us briefly about yourself: where do you live, what do you do, what are your hobbies?

Alex: Hey Krystyna. Thanks for having me here. First of all, it is pretty late in my part of the world while I am writing this (4am). As such, my answers to your questions will be very straight to the point.

I live in Poltava, which is a city located in the central part of Ukraine. I do many things. I work as an SEO manager for an LA based IT company full time. I also run my own travel agent site about Poltava (s. here: Speaking of my hobbies, just like most Ukrainians, I am a big fan of soccer. Traveling and learning new things are a few other items that sit high on my list of hobbies.

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Krystyna: So you work at an International marriage agency in Poltava. That means you know firsthand why Ukrainian women decide to marry a foreigner and leave Ukraine, right? What are the main reasons?

Alex: Just to clarify it Krystyna, I no longer work for any marriage agency. There was time in my life when I used to work as a translator for 2 different marriage agencies in Poltava. There was also a moment when I used to have a dating site of my own. The site is still up and running, but nobody is using it since I decided to remove all of the profiles.

I did this partially because I got tired off the whole “dating thing”. As you know, there are moments in any person’s life when one wants to simply stop doing what they do, and move on with their live in a totally new direction. I cannot say that I went that far away though. I would say that around 90 percent of people who use my travel agent site come to Poltava to meet women. And more often than not, they tend to use my transportation and interpreter services.

With all that said, I still can provide some valuable feedback. It is a cliché that many women in Ukraine want to leave our country. In fact, I would say that most women would rather have their boyfriend stay with them in Ukraine. Unfortunately, that is not what most men want. Needless to say, most men have a job that brings a stable income.

As such, a couple decides to move to a place where they will be able to live more or less a comfortable life style. Why women of Ukraine marry foreign men? Those who fall in love will marry because they love their men. Those who are doing it just to leave the country will do it to leave the country. The answer is as simple as that.

Krystyna: I am wondering if you as a Ukrainian man are not offended by the fact that our women are forced to search for their fate abroad because Ukrainian men are not able to give their women financial security and stability? Are not you afraid that all “normal” Ukrainian women leave Ukraine in 10-20 years and Ukrainian men will be forced to look for a wife from abroad?

Alex: Personally, I am a relatively secure person. And since I am a married man, I don’t really care if women are leaving our country. I have had so many clients of mine coming to Poltava to meet our women. It has never been an issue for me. Some of my ex clients are now my good friends.

Speaking of being “forced”, I don’t believe that is the right way to describe the situation. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything in our country, just like in any other country of the world. We do live in the XXI century, and contrary to women in Middle East, Ukrainian women have a freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a job to make their living. Be it a man or a woman, a person who works hard and is willing to learn will always be able to make a good living in Ukraine.

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I have met quite a few women who earn more money than I do. They can easily buy things that need to keep them happy. Only a lazy person will not be able to provide herself with a decent living. It is time when women should stop thinking that it should only be a man who should bring home the bacon. In all Western countries there are families where women “wear the pants”, if you know what I mean. And Ukraine should not be the exception.

Krystyna: Let’s talk about International marriage and matchmaking agencies in Ukraine. Do you believe that this is still possible to find an honest Ukrainian woman for life through paid dating services?

From your point of view, which is better for Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine – paid online dating sites/marriage agencies or free dating sites/social networks (e.g. or

Alex: Yes, I believe it is still possible to find a decent woman through Ukrainian dating agency, be they paid or free ones.

There are a few pros of using social networks. Here are just to know a few:

  • Using social networks is free
  • You are communicating directly with a person

If you speak decent Russian or Ukrainian, then there is no point in using dating sites (paid AND free). Dating sites have earned a bad reputation. If you think about it, a dating site is a company and just like any business, they primarily carry about meeting their bottom line.

Even free sites are there for a reason. Some sell ads, while others may harvest names and email addressed so they can eventually use all this data to promote their paid dating sites. I am not saying that that’s the way how things are. These are just a few possible scenarios to consider.

With social networks things are free. Just make sure you don’t send any money to people you have not personally met, and you will be fine. 🙂

To be continued….




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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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