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Katrina, an owner and founder of, kindly allowed me interview her, ask some questions about the new brand of her matrimonial agency as well as she kindly gives you some useful advice about dating Ukrainian women.

Krystyna: Hi Katrina. Many thanks for your time! My first question is of course about the new name of your agency. Why did you decide to change the brand of your agency? (Note: The agency was called “Kates Models” earlier)

Katrina: Dear Krystyna, I’m so glad to be interviewed by you again, it’s always pleasure to participate in your blog.

Katrina Elbahey

Katrina Elbahey, a founder of

Well, I have decided to change the name because the new name better describes what we actually do. Yes, we have beautiful women in our agency, but at the core of our service we are a matchmaking agency. So I decided to reflect this fact in a new brand.

Krystyna: What makes your matchmaking agency different from the other Ukrainian matchmaking companies?

Katrina: We believe that we are different because we provide a personal service for the man and the woman so as to give the best chance to establish a genuine and lasting relationship. This is matchmaking!!

Krystyna: Katrina, do you think the way Ukrainian matchmakers are viewed in the Western countries is changing?

Katrina: Unfortunately, yes it is the case that the reputation of Ukraine dating agencies is not that high. Our company encounters this stereotype all the time. It is a difficult situation because there are many agencies that do not take the time to research the quality of the women that they have in their agency.

Krystyna: What type of Ukrainian women register in your agency?

Katrina: We try to only have family-oriented women in our agency.

ukraine ladies on bestmatchmaking

ukraine ladies on

Krystyna: In your opinion, what is the best advice you would give to Western men looking for a Ukrainian wife?

Katrina: This is a hard question, because everyone is different. But generally in Ukraine there is a more traditional approach to family, which perhaps is not as strong in the West as it once was. And at our agency we try to only have woman who are genuine in their intentions to establish real and genuine marriage and family relationships.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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