Interview with Michael: Work hard on your Ukrainian-Western relationship

In this exclusive Ukrainian dating interview with Michael, learn how he found his dream woman from Ukraine online and what challenges and problems he has faced when dating her.  Enjoy! 🙂

Krystyna: Hi Michael. Thank you for finding time to answer my tricky questions. Tell shortly about yourself.

Michael: My name is Michael, I am 50 year old and come from Hamburg, Germany. At present, I live and work in Switzerland. Eighteen months ago, I married a Ukrainian woman.

Krystyna: Ok, then move on to the main point of our interview. Tell us please why you decided to get married to the Ukrainian woman. How did you start your search?

Michael: Well, the reason for my decision, I think, was very ordinary, namely: I had a negative experience with German women. I was tired of hearing German women talk about feminism, career and independence. Coming home after a hard day, I only wanted a woman who was able to give me the feeling of warmth and relaxation. Therefore, after having heard good things about Ukrainian and Russian women I thought why not.

My start was easy but, honestly, hasty and thoughtless.  I learned nothing about Ukrainian culture or country. Nothing about Russian culture. Nothing about Ukrainian and Russian online dating like etiquette and scam. I just registered on a German-Russian dating site and started my search for a dream lady.

Fortunately, I was not getting scammed and have really a lot of luck to find my match rather quickly. Today, if I would start my search again, I would learn more about this issue (culture, mentality, online dating scam, etc.).

Krystyna: You say that fortunately you were not getting scammed during your online dating process. This means that you met only serious women online?

Michael: No, I do not think so. Very young woman (who were about 20 years old) wrote me messages but I found this very suspicious. What should they want from a man who is 50 y.o.? Nothing good… Moreover, I wanted to find a more mature woman for marriage.

My aim was to find a 40-year-old woman from Russia or Ukraine. Tamara caught my eye immediately (Krystyna’s note: read the interview with Tamara here). She is such a beautiful and interesting woman.

Honestly, I could not believe that she could be interested in my person. Still, I decided to try my luck and send her a message. I had to wait long enough before she wrote me back. But she did it! I was very happy about that and so our love story began.

Michael & Tamara

Michael & Tamara

Krystyna: Michael, as I know, you met each other offline very quickly, to be exact: three-four weeks after the beginning of your online communication. Tell us how your first meeting was.

Michael: Tamara was working in the office of the German company in Kiev and she had a visa to Germany. We talked per ICQ every day during those weeks and then we decided to meet in person. We had to buy only tickets to Hamburg (two years ago I lived in Germany). We decided that Tamara should come to Germany because it was easier for us both.

Tamara wanted, of course, me to pay for the ticket from Kiev to Germany. Some men might immediately think that she could be a scammer. But I know the Ukrainian culture and I know that the women there expect men to pay for almost every expense. So I thought, “Who dares, wins” and bought her the tickets. I did not send her any money, just booked the tickets online and sent her them via mail. So Tamara came to Hamburg for one weekend. It was really fantastic. In the same weekend, I realized that Tamara was my woman.

Krystyna: What has been the most challenging in your Ukrainian-Western dating and relationship?

Michael:  There are some things that are challenging in the intercultural dating and relationship. First of all, intercultural differences. Sometimes, I am not able to understand what Tamara wants from me. But we are permanently learning to deal with these differences.

Krystyna & Tamara

Krystyna & Tamara

Second, a very bureaucratic process of obtaining a bride visa for Tamara. To be honest, it was just a nightmare for both of us. We are very happy that it was over and we were able to get married.

Krystyna: Thank you for your honest answers, Michael. What would you like to wish Western men who are still looking for a Ukrainian or Russian woman?

Michael: Do not believe the rumors that all Ukrainian women are dishonest or scammers or professional pro-daters or gold-diggers. There are indeed honest and serious women on dating sites and you have to find them there. And if you think that after getting married you have to do nothing for your Ukrainian woman, you are deeply mistaken. Believe me, after marriage you have to work on your Ukrainian-Western relationship even harder. I wish you good luck! 😉



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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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