Interview with Mila: about 80% of my foreign customers were scammed by the agencies

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As you know, the reputation of translators and interpreters working for Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies have a pretty hard time in the online media. Western men who have used the services of interpreters during their stay in Ukraine complain that their services are too expensive or they choose inappropriate expressions that can change the meaning of your words entirely. So as you see, hiring the right translator/interpreter should be in the first place during your stay in Ukraine.

Today, we talk to Mila, a professional and competent interpreter/translator, guide and matchmaker. In our interview, Mila shares her experience with the intercultural dating and tells us about her activities as an all-round talent :).

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Krystyna: Hello, Mila. Thank you very much that you found time to answer my harsh questions.  Please tell us a little about yourself. And of course, describe your business in a few words.

Mila: Hello, Krystyna. I am very pleased to answer all your questions and share my experience. As you may know, I am rather experienced in what I do; I have been working for myself for about 6 years already.

I really enjoy helping people and bringing people together. Though, it is not an easy thing to do, as dealing with people has been always a challenge, but dealing with people’s emotions and feelings it is such a big responsibility!

Krystyna: Unfortunately, the International dating is full of scam. How do you feel about negative postings on unscrupulous or fake marriage / translation agencies? (In my opinion, these agencies spoil the reputation in the translation industry. You can read my articles on this topic “Writing a Ukrainian woman: paid translation services are really necessary?” and “Lost in Translation: 5 Stories by Marriage Agency Translators”).

Mila: It is not a secret for people that the international dating is full of scam, it is true.  It has a negative impact on me as an interpreter/translator and on my work in general. To be more exact, about 80% of my foreign customers before asking for my help were burnt and scammed by the agencies.

What is even worst, they were cheated for many years before they turn to me and ask to save them. You can imagine how hard it is to deal with a person who can’t trust you at all. I have to be a good psychologist as well and to help people to get rid of fear, to learn how to trust again and to be motivated. The most important is to differentiate the agency and a freelance person (like me) who really wants to help you and to make it work for you, who works for positive result.

Krystyna: My next question relates to the work of marriage & matchmaking agencies in Ukraine. I’ve seen on your web site that you offer matchmaking service. Men can meet Ukrainian women whom you personally know (that means no scammers, no professional pro-daters). I am sure that you however know the work of other marriage agencies in Ukraine.

What are your thoughts on their services? Is it really (still) possible to find an honest and serious woman for marriage through a Ukrainian marriage agency or paid online dating site?

Mila: After graduation from the University, I was offered a job as a translator in a very big marriage agency, which has departments all over Ukraine. Back then, I knew nothing about an international dating, as I myself, was never registered with the agency and was never looking for a foreign man. But, I agreed to work there as I needed practice and I had no idea the way they work.

After a few months, I found out a lot! I was shocked! I couldn’t sleep well at night, as I was worried that I was a part of that scam and I didn’t want to cheat people and rip them off. So, I quit and decided to do the opposite that is helping people. Fortunately, I was successful from the very beginning, as people saw I was honest and I was eager to help. I never deal with the agencies now and not going to. I always advise my customers to be careful and even if they want to try to deal with the agency, they can ask for my help as a freelance interpreter in order to be on a safe side.

But, in general, I advise foreigners to stay away from them and to find an independent person, free sites or social net works and so on. To my mind, it is almost impossible to meet a decent woman for marriage through Ukrainian/Russian marriage agency or paid online dating site. There are exceptions, but it is like winning a lottery, I mean one chance in a million. I am talking about the right woman who will marry a foreigner for the right reasons…

As you can see from my web site, I have a data of sincere, decent, family oriented ladies who are seriously looking for a foreign husband. I pick them very carefully and before I decide to deal with them I interview them in order to make sure we are on the same page.

It is very important that they understand the question of relocation, learning the language (if a lady is not fluent yet) and an agreement of ex-husband for the baby to leave the country. These are the main issues I discuss with them.

Krystyna: You have been helping many foreign customers and meeting men who have come to Ukraine to find a special woman for marriage. What do you think, why Western men go looking for a wife in Ukraine? And another small question: why are Ukrainian women looking for a husband abroad?

Mila: Western men are looking for a wife in Ukraine, because as we all know our women are the best looking women in the whole world, they take a good care of themselves and they are family oriented and always put family on the first place.

Of course, there are lots of women who combine family and career, but even for them, family will always remain first and this is the way it must be. Our women are strong, very romantic, and feminine and here is one thing I want to mention.  If you are lucky to be married to Ukrainian woman and your marriage is built on true love, you are a happy person, as she will be the best wife, the best mother and the best lover and the best friend for ever!

To my mind, Ukrainian women are looking for a foreign husband for many reasons. First of all, there are more women than man, it is evident. Second, the older you are, the more difficult it is to meet the right man in Ukraine. As we tend to get married earlier than Western countries, though it is changing a lot and more and more people think about marriage later than they used to. I have so many friends/acquaintances that are still single, they were married but got divorced or they were never married. The older you are the more selective you become.

Many women had really bad experiences with local men, so they gave up and decided to open horizons and to have more opportunities to meet a soul mate abroad. Personally I have many examples of international happy marriages and it is also a reason why not to try your fortune?! One of the main issues why our women are seeking marriage with a foreigner is that we all want to have a stable life, to give our children a good education and a good future in a prosperous country.

We all want to have a comfortable life and less stress. To make a conclusion I would like to add that foreign men have a good reputation of being serious and ready for family life, this attracts our women as well.

Krystyna: Have you already thought to find a man abroad and to leave Ukraine?

Mila: No, I haven’t thought about looking for a man abroad, as I am happily married to Ukrainian man.  I met him when I was a University student. But, if I wasn’t married, maybe I would consider looking for a man abroadJ

Krystyna: Mila, thank you a lot for the exciting and beneficial answers. Dear readers, if you need Mila’s services or have any questions, please visit her web site (there you find full information on her services and contact possibilities).



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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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