Irina, a Russian mature lady for dating & marriage

Krystyna presents: Irina, a mature Russian woman for dating and marriage

Irina is a long tan beauty of a Libra with long black hair and a piercing hue of green eyes. She comes from Russia and is looking for a stable, loving partner to settle down and tend to.

A lover of fitness and the outdoors, she is very active in maintaining her physique and working on self-improvement. She can be found everywhere from the theaters viewing a good play, to dance studios, and even walking barefoot on the beach, or curling up with her favorite volume of Russian poetry by the fire. Irina is open to drinking socially and doesn’t smoke as she feels it interferes with her skin health, which is very important to her.

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A lover of travel, she enjoys both the finer things like culture in the city while also being comfortable anywhere in nature. In addition to her daily fitness routine, she loves to carve up ski slopes during the winter and hike during the pleasant periods of summer, spring, and fall. She finds an excellent release and opportunity for growth in sports and loves to compete at the amateur level with her girls.

Her wide group of friends, and muscled tanned appearance bely her sweet nature and deeply intelligent introverted side. A college educated doctor in Moscow, her profession allows for her dedication to her studies and her lifelong pursuit of learning to merge with her kind hearted nature and philanthropic Christian values.

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Having been wounded before by divorce, Irina is looking to settle down with a Gentleman worthy of her efforts and accomplishments. She is shy, but looking for a financially secure gentleman who cares about building a loving, stable relationship. She is interested in fellow Europeans of up to 57 years of age. She enjoys intelligent men and would like to settle down with a similarly college educated professional who is emotionally stable, and optimistic about starting a bright new future.

Message her. Even though she might be shy, wherever she is in nature or her adventures, she might be thinking fondly of you.

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Irina’s personal information:

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Will you, dear men, meet a beautiful Russian woman for dating and marriage Irina?

You find Irina’s profile here:

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