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As you can see, I actively emersed myself with the matchmaking topic at hand, namely I published some reviews of the matchmaking agencies based in Ukraine and took an interview with the matchmakers Mordinson and Svetlana Mukha (still in Progress but will be published soon).

Why am I so convinced of traditional matchmaking services? And which benefits has matchmaking over online dating sites with a huge database?

Matchmaking is, in my view, an outstanding alternative to paid and free online dating sites and social networks. Getting a personal matchmaker (somebody out there enthusiastically looking for a prospective wife for you) is one of the most meaningful benefits. That means you pay for the result, not just for communicating online (that is also very expensive).

I believe that your chances of finding a well-intentioned match are rather high (it is said that the success ratio of matchmaking is about 80%). That means you are only being matched with women who want the same things (future plans, family, vacations, hobbies) in life as you, and want the same kind of relationship / marriage as you.

Today I would like to discuss another matchmaking agency based in Germany, namely “Mariana Gleue Worldwide“. The agency specializes in international matchmaking bringing men and women from all the European countries together and is based in Germany. So that you can get personalized matchmaking services if you live in West Europe.

Mariana Gleue

Mariana Gleue

Most Russian and Ukrainian dating companies are based in the USA. On the other hand, most Ukrainian matchmaking companies are based in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov or Kherson), so that it is really complicated for the European guy to get an individual service like dating and relationship consulting. Mariana Gleue Worldwide offers one-on-one meetings to paint a more comprehensive image of what that you is really looking for in a match.

The matchmaking agency by Mariana Gleue

The goal of Mariana Gleue Worldwide is to help hard-working single West European men and East European women find a devoted relationship and marriage.

The matchmaking agency offers you a more targeted search of your potential wife. It is not just about filtering y superficial criteria such as age, height, weight or hair color.

Based on your intentions, personality, lifestyle, hobbies and family values, Mariana and her team understand who will be a perfect and rewarding match for you. She brings professional expertise (Mariana is a matchmaker since 1996), dating and relationship advice, management, and finally, a well-matched match into your life.

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The personalized services of the agency are not geographically limited. That means you can find your potential match not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Baltic countries, and Poland as well as West European Countries (Germany, France or Holland).

How does the introduction process work?

Personalized matchmaking services by Mariana Gleue do as much of the work for you as possible. The introduction process is rather simple:

  • Interviewing you to get an idea about your values, goals, personality and lifestyle. Also it is important to get to know what type of a woman you are looking for. That’s why it is important to answer the questions as much as possible.
  • Selecting potential matches in the database
  • Arranging romantic dates. A date provides a consequential base for you to develop an impression of chemistry, lifestyle, personality, and values, as well as physical attraction.
  • After the first date: Mariana inspires you and the woman to discuss how the first date went, and asks how you would like to proceed. This dating stage is particularly advantageous because it might be a very beginning of your special relationship.

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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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