Matchmaking as a way to find a Ukrainian wife (Video)

Dear friends,

In today’s video turorial, I would like to discuss Ukrainian marriage and matchmaking agencies as a method to find a wife from Ukraine. Are these agencies still worth a try? Let’s talk about that!

Enjoy, guys! 🙂

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hello guys,

Nice to see you again on my dating channel. I am Krystyna, your Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger. Welcome to my new video tutorial: “Traditional Matchmaking as a Way to find a Ukrainian Wife”. Daniel from Great Britain recently sent me a letter asking for the most effective way to find a wife from Ukraine. Which marriage and matchmaking agency would I recommend him to use? In my videos, I have never recommended any specific agencies in Ukraine, so today I decided to be more particular.

There are many different ways to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia:

  • paid and free dating sites,
  • social networks,
  • going to Ukraine to live there some period of time.

In my view, matchmaking is one of the most effective methods to find a foreign bride. Katrina, a friend of mine, is a founder of a traditional matchmaking agency based in Southern Ukraine with an individual customer approach.

Katrina Elbahey, a founder of

Katrina Elbahey, a founder of

Katrina as every professional matchmaker has a personal contact with every Western man looking for a woman in Ukraine. The relation with her is not just strongly professional, but also rather friendly and open. She really works on the matchmaking result.

Why do I believe in this agency and matchmaking in generally? Because the KatesModels agency offers individual matchmaking service and gives men almost 100% guarantee of building a relationship and a marriage. Katrina makes a careful selection of a potential couple and puts a lot of attention to the formation of couples with the same interests, age, education, etc.

The guarantee given to a man means to have communication only with the women who have serious intentions, are interested in this particular man as well as in meeting him in person. Katrina always has a personal chat with the girl about the man interested in her to make his image more attractive to her.

And the staff of gives advice on how Western men should behave while dating Ukrainian women, what these women expect from men. Indeed, many mendo nottake into account theintercultural differences andthere are a lot of conflictsand misunderstandingsbetween the people.


As you can see, Ukrainian marriage and matchmaking agencies are still worth a try and may be an effective way to find a match for life. For more information, visit the agency site

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