Muslim women to FEMEN: “Your actions are counterproductive”

On Thursday April 4, 2013 the Ukrainian women’s protest group Femen held an “International Topless Jihad Day,” naked from the waist up, in European capitals of Berlin, Paris and Kiev, which angered some Muslim women. Muslim Women against Femen and their supporters say and agree that they oppose “Femen” and the Femen supporters and that the actions of Femen are useless and ineffective.”

According to the Huffington Post UK, thirteen members of the MWAF gave their objections to the Ukrainian group, claiming that Femen is Islamophobic and imperialist.

The anti-Femen group says that “Muslim women and women of color can and do speak for themselves, as well as fight back.” They also claim to be proud Muslimahs who are sick of racist rubbish disguised as ‘women’s liberation.’

Imma Shevuchenko, Femen’s leader gave a response to Huff post in regards to the anti-Femen group’s response to the “International Topless Jihad Day.”

Although Muslim women are against Femen, Shevchenko says, “we are still here for them,” and their eyes say ‘help me’ even though their (Muslim women) posters say they don’t need liberation. “But all through history slaves have denied being slaves because they were scared to fight for their freedom.”



Femen’s protest is being criticized by netizens use of the hash tag #Muslim Pride, reinforcing the Western stereotype about Islam and Muslim women, says Al Jazeera. And in an essay on News Statesman, Bim Adewumni had this to say about Femen’s movement: “Like much of the feminisms that have been exported from the West, it does not seem to take into account the obstacles to carrying out this form of protest. It rides roughshod over grassroots organizations and the work they may have been quietly and steadfastly engaged in over years, and stipulates that this feminism, the one where you bare your breasts and sloganise your skin, is the feminism. It does not take into account community mores, and, in this case, incorporates more than a little Islamophobia.

According to Agence France-Presse, a Tunisian activist, who calls herself Amina Tyler supports and agrees with the Femen protests. But some of the supporters are afraid for her that she could face prosecution because of the country wide scandal being sparked by Tyler’s taking naked photos with the words “my body belongs to me” and “the hell with your morals” written across her naked chest.



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