My Ukrainian girl is a pro-dater: a sad dating story (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third part of the Ukrainian dating experience “My Ukrainian girl is a pro-dater: a sad dating story”.

S. Part 1 & 2 here:

Part 3:

I wrote again to Kira, (from Elenasmodels) in Russian, and told her that I have not cancelled the travel, and I am very worried about Olga, she seem to act as a totally different person than before, and I want Kira to speak to her, and look after her. And I tell Kira they still are welcome here, but I recommend they wait until summer, and then Olga maybe feel better. Kira now answered in a strange way, Kira wrote 2 letter in some minutes between them:

You do not think that this is none of my business?
You should solve all you problems yourself. I am never intruding in relationships

Because Valentines Day is where two people unite,
I thought I’d send a poem and a hug that would squeeze you tight.
Many prayers are sent and that’s what I’ll share with you…
Because I so much miss you!!!

I really not understand Kira’s letter, I have never met her and I think it is strange written.

What do you think, why did she not tell me anything about this travel, of course I want to know how long time she stay in my town. Do you not think it is strange? Did I act wrong when asking how long she stays here? What do you think?

What had you recommend me to do? Should I paid her the $650 and see if she comes or not? Then I had not had this problem, to not know if she was going to scam me or not. However, you tell me, If this is an honest person, why do she then act like this?

It can be so they both have a system to fool men, to give them gifts and money, in a way they not even understand they have been scammed, in such case they are very clever girls. If Kira not is involved in this, I think she at once would protest and written to me that she does not have anything to do with these plans! But FIRST WHEN OLGA cancelled she write that,  to go free from suspicion?

I am sure you also see red flags in her behavior. She always wrote very small letters, formal, not sweet. She did not answering more than maximum one question each letter. Not letters that only can be sent to me = bad quality of the contact, but I wrote long letters only for her.

Ukraine dating

Ukraine dating

About the body language: She wanted me to hold her hand, in her city. When meeting her, at restaurant she was very happy and sympathetic, so she acts like two totally different persons. The body language did NOT tell she was a liar. But it not told me she liked me either. But she is clever and knows a lot and can of course pretend, as diplomats can. We started write 20 February last year, so it is so long time before she asks for money. I know she has spoken about move to her mother in Russia, maybe she plan to go there with this money?

When we where at the Yalta conference palace, she told me each time she visit the place (entrance cost 80 UHA) different rooms are open. I had the feeling, she does this often, that maybe she often guides men this way, with “false” taxi. I think there is a risk many men not understand they been scammed by her. I have read Elenas book, if not, I had not any idea at all about it.

Once again, what had you recommend me to do, pay to her and not know anything (and maybe loose both her, and the money, if she is a scammer), or not pay and loose her if she is not a scammer?

Today I think there cannot be any doubt she is a Gold digger. All actions together are far too much. I would refused to go in to the taxi already the first minute I meet her, then I have saved at least 25000 UHA = $3150, on travels, dinners, gifts, taxi, and also all time and effort, about 600 hours letter writing to her (I wrote long letters, and it goes slowly).

This is a very remarkable story, also how we both found each other, it was very romantic (for me), and a reason for not to see all red flags. I found her, and began to write to her, when I got a letter from her, before I sent my letter…. So started the story.  For a gold digger it was a good start, because I was so very happy then.

Hope you can tell me if you think she is a gold-digger, what should I have done, dumped her at once or given her money for the travel. Why was she not happy for to get a free aeroplane ticket by email, coordinated with her friend (or I followed her from Crimea), why she refused an invitation so she get VISA easy, why she want to go via Poland, and stay there longer time than in Sweden…. And so on…. If not everything only was a fake to get gifts and the $150 for the passport and the $650 intended for the trip?

You tell me that no Ukrainian men do not have to pay 1800 GVN at the first date….

ukrainian dating scammer

Well, I just want to add, that it was even worse, the 1800 was only for the “private taxi”, of course I also paid for lunch, dinner, flowers…. and entrance to the Palace  = 2860 GVN at the first date! Maybe OK for me for one day, but she demanded to continue every other day in the same style, with these “private drivers” whole days, and for the 8 remaining days it would have cost me about the same: 2860 each day x 9 days = 25740:-

This taxi tricks I think is common, but unknown for men, my advise is to NEVER EVER go in to lady’s taxi (it can also be dangerous – the driver and lady can drive you to the forest and rob you), ONLY use taxi yourself have ordered and the same with all service, as interpreter, apartments etc. It should be warned for it on all sites dealing with dating advice, only use services you have ordered, especially taxi!!!!!

I refused to go in this “taxi” and asked her to use different taxi and not have them to wait for us all time (and also use buses). She refused that, so I then did only meet her in city and she did not want to show me anything there, but it still cost between 200 to 400 GVN each day to meet her, because she come with private cars, and the same driver!!! A funny comment is that she did eat like a starving horse, much more different dishes and more exclusive then me (her weight 48 kg, 1,58 m, me= 1,80 m, 60 kg), she just walked in to a fine restaurant and ordered a lot, food and drinks, never asking me and never thank me, maybe that is normal there, or not? In Sweden a women would not do so.

Helnas models support also told me she is a gold digger; despite she was a confirmed profile. All my 5 contacts there were scammers (according to Elenas models support) !

So I do not know where all the honest women are? All dating industry seems to be a scam. From Anastasia it is impossible to get the woman’s email or Skype, even if they agree to write on mail after phone them at the agency, which cost a lot, they not change to mail. I think they get money to write to men.

So I think it is best to give up this project, it is sad, but it seems to me that 99% of the women on dating sites seems to only hunting for money…

Best regards


Krystyna answers:



Hello Sture,

First I would like to say you thank you for your message and sharing your experience with a Ukrainian woman.
I read your review totally and I have to say that Olga is dishonest and professional gold digger.
Do not pay any cent anymore! Preparing for a first date with a Ukrainian lady can be quite nerve-wracking, even for the most mature of individuals. So I am sure that my advice may be very helpful for you. I get many mails from my readers who share their experience about their dating in Ukraine. Some of them had to spend more than $300 on the first date because Ukrainian ladies led them to the most expensive restaurants and wanted to go on a private taxi home. So the question is this is normal or not? Do Ukrainian men do the same or not? My answer is NO, this is not normal. No, Ukrainian men do not spend usually $300 at the first date.

My first advice is that you must NOT spend a lot of money at the first date ($150-300 are too much). A bouquet of beautiful flowers is a really MUST-HAVE at the first meeting with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. A medium bouquet costs about 100-150 hryvna (about $10-15), and I think that it is an economical sign of attention for a beautiful girl.

Olga can be a real person (according to the passport) but this does not mean that she has serious intentions to get known you better. In your words, I found no signs of her interest in your personality, only you have to pay, pay, pay, pay…..

Normal women do not have such a behavior like Olga. This is really disgusting….

Olga is a dishonest woman and you should forget her. Ukrainian men do not pay 1800GVN at the first date, why Western men should do this?
I do not believe that Olga would show a real interest to develop your communication if she will come to Sweden. In my opinion, it is better to save your money and feelings now than after her visit in your home country.

If the woman obviously shows you that she is displeased by your choice of the restaurant and after dinner she can no longer go home by public transport and can imagine going home only on a private taxi which costs 4 times more expensive than the official one. Well, in my opinion, this is more than evident that this kind of woman you are dating is more interested in your wallet than in you.

Developing a communication and relationship with this woman makes no sense (or do you guess that I am wrong?). I am sure that these professional pro-daters and gold diggers in Ukraine and Russia will use your wallet until you become suspicious and stop spending your money for her needs.

Believe me Ukrainian and Russian gold diggers know better than to ask you to fund their expensive tastes, at least in the beginning; they’ll tap into your desire to help them afford the things they need (food, accommodation, transportation). If you want to pay about $200-300 per date with the Ukrainian woman in the hope that she would later change her desires and will understand your financial opportunities, you are really foolish enough if you think so (in my hard opinion). So do not waste your time and money and look only for normal women in Ukraine! Believe me you will find them!

I would recommend you to read the following ebooks on Russian/Ukrainian dating scam:

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