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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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14 Responses

  1. Galina says:

    Hi, I live in Ukraine. Recently I was looking for a new job. I read the job ad: “The marriage agency is looking for the interpreters. It was natashaclub, who printed the ad. I thought the job was to translate the letters from the foreign men to Ukrainian women and vise verse.

    But as it turns out, the “interpreter” gets photos of the girl(s) and starts questing for men on the web-site. The “interpreter” gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man. At the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom “she” rights and what she rights! Yes, this girl applied to the Agency a year ago, but whether she wants some relationships now nobody knows and nobody cares about this fact.

    More than that, a man may make present to the girl he likes through natashaclub. The girl “gets” the present. The Agency hires a photographer, who makes pictures of this girl with the arms around the present. Then the Agency takes from this present and the “interpreter” sends photos to a man. The girl gets 24% of the present’s cost. The Agency all the rest. I think, you’ve already understood that the present on the photos is just a waxwork.

    I am very sorry about my country and about the people, who want to earn money this way!

    I wish you empyrean love and true relationships!


  2. relux flores says:

    Hola. esta es mi primera vez que estoy en este sitio, busco una mujer para vivir el resto de mis dias con ella, esa mujer talvez seas tu.

  3. john says:

    I reasently went on this site and had the same experience,if these people are just scammers they are very convincing,so don’t spend too much money on the letters.Treat it as a bit of fun and see how it goes.If they sound too good to be true,then they probably are,so my advise,walk away.

  4. john says:

    I hope these stories are not true about these scams.I really did think that i was talking to real people and if thats how they make money,i feel very sorry for them.To get money, Preying on emotional pain is probably the lowest act they can do in their lives,it will always come back on them,this is true.

  5. John, the stories are true. Of course, Natashaclub is a scam. I disagree with “Tom”. Get away from the site if you are there. Do not continue to use it. Your life could even be in danger. Natashaclub is a scam and the agencies providing Natashaclub with women are scam agencies. The women who work for these agencies do not love you, do not like you and want nothing to do with you.

    So please use common sense. Don’t try to use a scam site to find a good woman. It makes absolutely no sense. Use honest services and you will be fine. In order to find an honest service you have to be willing to do your homework. By now, every man on this planet should know that all pay per letter sites are scams.
    Stay away from them. Find a site where you pay one monthly fee and you can talk to any woman you wish. Or better yet, use a free site!

    Free sites are free! Yes, they have scammers but you can find a woman in that haystack if you can just resist sending women cash.

    My name is David Brunner. . and I am the Stupid American.

    • Berno72 says:

      Hi David. Just read your comment. I’m guessing that this scam is quite well developed and that 1st international as the ‘parent’ company just has spin-off sites that is the same scam, different sites? Are there any actually legit women on those sites like odessa dating? Or is it the same elaborate hoax? Any recommendations for actual legit sites that are current? Any feedback would be appreciated! Berno (Aussie)

  6. samir says:

    natasha club is good member

    • Rob says:

      Samir is obviously a paid staff member or owner of Natasha Club. Their profiles seem very attractive and convincing at first. But after a couple of letters it’s clear that they avoid tricky questions and just want you to write more letters. When I said sorry but I have doubts that this is a genuine site, they did no more than say of course i am real darling! What I don’t understand is why the US Department of Justice hasn’t prosecuted these people for organised crime or at least seeking to obtaining money under false pretences, and probably a load of other offences. After all, they do claim to have a US office. Or is that a fiction too? Probably

      • Lars says:

        you may try interfriendship .The girls there are loking for a foreigner . Or .A nomal but really big economic dating pager for eastern Europe

  7. Anders Jorgensen says:

    I am currently in a dispute with Natasha club etc sites.

    I found the girl for me and signed up to write to her. Early on I was told that a translator was answering me.

    By the 15 message I got the name, city and email address. For some reason I never got replies from it.

    By 90 messages I had arranged a Web cam call on another dating site where my girl was also present.

    It was her and cool. We moved to Skype from then on. This was in 2012!

    By our last conversation she mentioned how stupid and fake the dating sites are.

    My 90 messages were fake and it was not before Skype that I had real contact! No translator called and said new message from me.

    The system is like this:

    The girl signs up and her pass port checked and a contract signed at her local agency.

    She gives the information they need and that is that.

    Men then see the girl and write to the translator who are paid pr. letter. When the 15 message gives the contact info they give you a fake email setup by the agency.

    This stops you from moving further and you go back to buy credits.

    You can insist on the phone and get it but if she does not speak or understand English it is not much use. But you can send flowers with a third party company from her country. That is a killer way to introduce you to her over time.

    So that is the dangerous loop setup for the men and the top 10 girls gets a lot of interest.Their system which is done from East European side can handle it and the girl?

    Who cares but we make the money! She is clueless to what is going on, where she is and how many profiles she has.

    For support you get the US and they will contact their local East European agencies to try to help you out.

    This all my experience and facts to the dealings of Natasha club sites. When I went Skype I stopped.

    Anyway my girl and me are still friends and I only research this as I want to get the truth out and my girl is right.

    It is nothing but fake but brilliant rip of system that makes good money for its shady owners.

    The girls are real though but find a better place to get the direct access to them before ever traveling so they will be waiting in the airport for you! And learn some Russian too +dress stylishly enough.

  8. Goran says:

    Are the video fake?

  9. sylvain says:

    simply an awful company , i request contact after i open all necesary letter. The lady are agree for i recieve the information and he take 11 days for i recieve information simply for i open more letter and make more $$$ it is disgusting. He do that often

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