Odessa Girls Are Searching for Love Abroad

“Odessa Girls” is an interesting documentary style video that explores the search for love in the Ukraine. Odessa, Ukraine is known for being full of beautiful women, who outnumber men in the area by 20 percent. A good man is also hard to find, but some local dating tourism services are attempting to help these Ukrainian women get what they want. With rare full access to a dating tour, we get to see the story from two different perspectives as narrated from an outsider looking in on the matchmaking in this video.

odessa girls

First we meet a Ukrainian woman searching for love after an abusive marriage. She is older than most girls already married in the Ukraine, and has found that having a five year old daughter also weakens her proposal prospects. She hopes to find a kind and caring companion to take care of her and be interested in her as a person.

All of the men we meet on the tour are English speakers who have paid thousands of dollars and traveled thousands of miles to meet these famously beautiful Odessa girls. They come from various backgrounds and have a multitude of motives, but all of them seem to have the same goal in mind: to find a wife in Ukraine. Many of them are fed up with the women from their own countries, and have idealized dreams of finding love in this foreign city and through this dating tour. Several of the men are back for a repeat tour, still searching for the one perfect woman.

odessa women

We travel with the tour company and watch the men scour books full of profiles of the women that they can meet while they are there. We get to attend a mixer to see how the interactions actually work, and eavesdrop on conversations that happen through an interpreter. All through the Ukraine dating video, we get an insider perspective from both the male and female perspective, which makes the video both informative and interesting.

If you are looking to go to the Ukraine to find love, this would be a great video to see exactly what you can expect from such a trip. If you are interested in international tourism and matchmaking, this video shows one way that it works. As one of the tour guides put it, “You never know where love will find you or where you will find love.

Ukrainian Dating Video: Odessa Girls

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wW7c58nMI4




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