Hello Krystyna,

I am using and get about 50 invites from woman much younger than mapper day. I am 51 and looking for a woman from 40 to 50. This is in my profile.

But still beautiful woman from 19 to 25 want to contact me and they are so beautiful. I think they a models hired by the dating site to attract stupid men looking for a Ukrainian or Russian woman because if you want to read letters there, you must buy credits. You have to pay sometimes 20 euro for reading 1 letter.

I found several women on and they didn’t know that they were on that site and certainly not sending any mails. The asked me what they can do on this scam site. But I don’t know. I sent a mail and they told me that they can do a background check but I have to pay for it. They also said that the women came from local dating sites. And the dating agency staff has to ask for their passports. But I am getting mails from the young girls, but they are not real. So warn every man and woman of this site. They have several sites where you can login with the same name.


So the best thing is to make an account on and search for the woman and warn them. Unfortunately, most of the Russian and Ukrainian women don’t speak English and I asked a friend to translate for me. Most of them don’t even send me a mail back.

So I think I quit my adventure with Ukraine women.



Krystyna comments



Hello Jos,

It is really good that you are cautious and are wondering why young beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women who are much younger write to you their messages.

The scenario is every Western man’s worst nightmare: “I was contacted by an amazing woman from Ukraine. She was beautiful and funny, a full 23 years younger than me. I just knew she was the one! It was love at first sight”. But the reality is something different….

Unfortunately, it may be sometimes too good to be true. After investing (a lot of) time and money in what you think is your one true love, “your perfect Ukrainian lady” stops contacting you. From my personal experience, I can say that the men have since gone on to find love online.

The first sign of International online dating scam is a very young woman from Ukraine or Russia contacting an older man from a Western country. As for me, it is very strange if a 20 year old beauty from Ukraine contacts first a man who is much older than her (20-25-30 year age difference is extreme big and may be the reason for problems and misunderstanding in a Western-Ukrainian relationship).

But I have to mention that not every young Ukrainian woman who contacts an older man is a scammer. On the other hand, she should be viewed with caution. Some readers told me that several beautiful Ukrainian ladies wrote to them first that they really wanted to talk to them as soon as possible.

Well, we should realize this is the 21st century and all. Women can initiate a relationship without being a scammer; however you must think about the age difference in depth and decide if you are ready for that or not. Be careful.

The women who write to you may not be even real. Scammers or even dating sites use a set of pictures of an attractive girl 18-45 years old female (or, if the scammer IS  an attractive girl, she uses her own pictures) and places personal ads in as many international dating catalogs as possible.

I have heard about It is is a pretty popular site (but honestly, popular with negative reviews of the users). I collected some reviews on my site: Experience

You find more reviews here:




Ukrainian Dating Stories



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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6 Responses

  1. Ricardo says:

    Hello Krystyna.

    I want to ask you if you can advice me about searching for a girl from Ukraine.

    Do you know a good dating site to find real girls from Ukraine. If you do please let me know, i think Ukraine girls are very beautiful and want to find my wife there.



    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      I do not know a big dating site where there would be no scammers. I know that every big dating site has positive and negative reviews, it is important to find a dating site with rather positive image than negative. The biggest adventure of dating sites is that they have a variety of services to assist Western males including telephone translations, video chat-rooms, online gift ideas and introduction help. These services can be more expensive, but they offer many more options. The biggest disadventure is a great number of scammers on such sites.

      There are free alternatives, like the dating social networks. I would like to recommend my readers to use free dating sites:

      How to use these sites, please read my articles here:

      These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can loose only your time (but not your money).
      Moreover, you can use social networks


  2. Fransesco says:

    As for me i just hooked with a girl from Site is not bad, lots of information on places to go even with some useful tips, video and audio chat. As for bad sides, girls take time to answer and they are not interrogative themselves.

  3. Dimirius says:

    Regarding Online Dating Ukraine service , I have contacted some of the ladies with profiles there and it turnes out that they are not the ones writing . Operators are doing all the communication. I even talked to a girl who wanted her profile deleted , as she was telling me it is not she who is writing there!! It is very big lie! There are some true profiles yes , but much more ordinary than the beautiful models that write you a love letter! For all who read this it is one very big lie! I have a good proof , but if if you don’t believe me , try it yourself !

  4. Kees says:

    I want to counter the negative remarks on online-dating-ukraine, that it is all a scam. I was registered there, had a good contact with a woman who wrote me and until I came accross all the negative comments here and elsewhere. I followed the tips to check if I wasn’t being scammed, but she was a very good honest real woman and much upset by the distrust. Resultingly, it has ruined the one contact that was very dear to me and now I can only hope to regain her confidence again. She couldn’t answer any messages on vk before I’d request her contact on the site, as otherwise her profile would be deleted. So gents, careful for scammers, but don’t think they all are like that… Life is about taking risks, sometime you learn, other times you might get rewarded for it.

  5. Adi says:

    The online Ukraine dating site is the biggest rip-off of any site I’ve seen, they took more money from my credit cards than they said,also some women just to read a short message cost up tp $16.00 or credits as they call it. Mainly all you get to see is photos some videos, who even knows for sure these women are real? Believe me Online Ukraine Dating is a scam. It is true you get even hundreds of women following you and the first message from them is free, but watch out after that want to go there then that is your prerogative, but it is a very dishonest site!

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