Paranoia in Ukrainian and Russian dating (Video)

Dear friends,

In today’s video turorial, I would like to discuss the fear issue in Russian and Ukrainian dating. Being cautious is very helpful and effective in looking for a foreign wife. But being overcatious is also effective? Is there any chance to find a dream woman from Russia and Ukraine while having much fear of getting scammed? Let’s talk about that!

Enjoy, guys! 🙂

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hi guys,

I am Krystyna, your Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger. Welcome to my new video tutorial: “Paranoia in Ukrainian and Russian dating”.

First, let’s look at what is paranoia. According to Wikipedia (what else :)), Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion.

In the world of scam and fraudulent dating services, it is very efficient to be very cautious and aware of every single step. In our human nature, we are looking for big love and willing to take risks. Western men hope and dream to find a Russian or Ukrainian women and to be happy with her till death do them part.

Of course, I can understand why Western men do trust neither Ukrainian and Russian women nor marriage agencies.

You shouldn’t sloppily trust any woman registered on the online dating site, dating service or matchmaking agency. But you also shouldn’t be overcautious and paranoiac in your Ukraine dating process.

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I have received so many messages from my readers who ask me if the girl is real, if her life story sounds very suspicious, if her questions about his life and future plans are abnormal. Each word in a Ukrainian woman’s letter is read with huge cautiousness. Every woman who is looking for a Western man IS a scam.

You should proceed with caution, but not being too much cautious. Dating and marrying a foreign woman is difficult in many different ways. Yes, you can be getting scammed. Yes, you can lose your money and your time. Your feelings can be hurt.

In any relationship, dishonesty is a very possible factor. My advice to you is very simple: use your common sense! Very often, the fear of a scam stops communication in what could be the beginning of a real happy relationship.
If you are scared to get scammed, just leave the idea to find a Ukrainian woman for life. Look locally – maybe you have less chance to meet a scammer. But remember: nobody is insured from mistakes and disappointment in dating and relationship.

Love Ukraine dating or just leave it. Simple as that.

Good luck,


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