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I recently read an article about pay per letter dating scam by Elena Petrova. The Pay Per Letter scam topic is more than interesting; thus I decided to discuss it with you today.

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Online dating scams are still dangerous in 2016. The basic plan is usually the same: a scammer posing as a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman strikes up a conversation with their target. Over time, they begin to create a romantic relationship with their target, all without meeting in person.

I recently read an article “Ukrainian Model Lifts Lid On Shady World Of Overseas Dating Scams” by Elena Petrova, a dating coach and founder of The author explains the principle of the pay per letter dating scam and the PPL turnover structure. The topic is more than interesting; as a result I decided to discuss it with you today.

The pay per letter scam, or PPL scam, is one advanced example of a Russian and Ukrainian online dating scam. Here is how it works. The scammers are not asking for money directly. The strategy is that the girl behind the dating profile needs a translator to communicate with the Western man looking for a big love. We have a dating services mafia behind this PPL scam.

So the marriage agency or dating site finds a translator willing to write, communicate and translate. In order to use the services, the male customer needs to pay some money to send an email, read the messages, chat, and so on. For example, the scammer might charge five dollars per email to supposedly cover the costs of translation.
It is called “pay per letter” because the Western man pays for each time they communicate with the girl. The scammer provides steady income to the scam team.

How to avoid the PPL scam? First of all, develop a way to recognize scammers. They offer very little information about themselves to start off, and they slowly seem to be everything the man wants. Scammers frequently mention money troubles, but they will not ask for money directly.

Do not communicate only via dating site. After some period of time, ask the woman for her private contact details (Skype, mobile, messenger, email address). I would not recommend using paid chat on the dating site. Write a few messages and then go to the next step – communication via Skype. A genuine Ukrainian woman really interested in communication with a Western man would use translation services for free like Google Translator or

Thank you very much for your attention. If you need more information on dating Russian and Ukrainian women, please visit my Ukrainian dating blog. Or feel free to write me a message. Till next time, your Krystyna 🙂


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  1. Eric says:

    I want to thank you for giving me the idea to use google translator or an online free translator in order to talk to a girl from UAdreams that contacted me from another site because now this gives me the opportunity to feel like I didn’t give away a possible real woman if she refuses to use those other methods to communicate because then I get to know if she legitimately has feelings for me or she is getting paid to be a woman behind the screen. I appreciate this blog post a lot it may have saved my life emotionally and financially because I am a young student that barely has a lot of money as it is. I will keep updated if I find out that I was deceived to protect other people from this site.

  2. Cyber Tranny says:

    Copy and paste работа брачное агентство into Google search or Yandex search and read Anastasiadate advertising job vacancys in both Russia and the Ukraine for local translators to work as “Work Brides” scamming lonely foreigners. And Anastasidate advertising payment to local models for a professional photoshoot to create clean profiles to be worked by the “Work Brides” scamming lonely foreigners.

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