Psychology of Ukrainian and Russian Women (Video)

Dear friends,

In today’s video turorial, I would like to tell you some theorerical issues about Ukrainian and Russian ladies in order to understand them better. So you can be better prepared to deal with intercultural issues in a Russian/Ukrainian-Western dating and relationship.

Enjoy, guys! 🙂

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hi guys,

I am Krystyna, your Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger. Welcome to my new video tutorial: “Psychology of Ukrainian and Russian Women”.

Ukrainian and Russian women. Beautiful, feminine, outstanding. The marriage with us is not easy but might be happy. If you decided to get married a woman from Russia and Ukraine, you have to understand her. You should learn more about her culture, family foundations and traditions, mentality and family values.

You should have a clear and honest image of the woman with whom you want to share your life. Otherwise, you will be not prepared for the problems and issues that intercultural families and marriages face and you will not be adapted to difficulties.

If you think that Russian and Ukrainian women are just beautiful dolls or gold diggers looking for sugar daddies, I am sure you won’t be successful in Ukrainian dating. And yes, they are not just perfect housewives and mothers. They are much more…

krystyna blogger

Number 1: Russian and Ukrainian women are very strong. Life forces. Women have to work, give birth, raise children, keep house, cook and look good. Such a life requires discipline, energy and willpower. Russian and Ukrainian women cannot be weak because it is not in their nature.

Number 2: We are independent. According to statistics, in Russia there are 5.6 million single mothers. These women are bringing up children, earning their own money and trying to survive in the harsh realities of Russia and Ukraine. A Russian woman would not want to ask a man to help her but she secretly hopes that the man would understand that she needs him.

Number 3: We try always to feel a special pity for everything, especially for our Russian husbands. Women discuss failures of their husbands with special warmth and tenderness. We wish to support them and solve their problems by ourselves. Too much care and pity reduce a Russian man’s desire to earn a piece of bread for the family.

Despite the difficulty of the life, Russian and Ukrainian women are growing and developing at an incredible speed. Their desires and future plans are huge. Their requirements and expectations from men are enormous, especially intellectually, and of course, in terms of social realization.

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