Revelation of the extraordinary man looking for a lovely woman from Ukraine (Part I)

I am Alexander. I am 43. I am deaf. I speak very well. I have been single for about ten years now. I have tried to look for love, but it is very hard. Harder than the hearings can do, too. To me, hearings have it easy, they can speak and hear, fall in love too fast, have sex too much, and then throw each other out. That is not my way.

I seek LOVE, no sex before marriage, so I can be SURE, as I have hard time trusting anyone.

My first and last love was bad to me, she betrayed me, behind my back. I wasted 7 years of my life (27-34) helping her deal with her many problems, health, drugs, booze, etc. She was insane. I tried support, but nothing worked. Her children was not happy. I try build stability, but I can see how their are affected by their mother’s problems. I loved those children. I wish they were mine, but I had no claim over them.

ukrainian bride

After I was abandoned, I deal with horrible state of shock for few months. I would not wish that on anyone. Yes, I was angry and upset and all the emotions, I deal with it one by one. I found EFT, it appears to be working.

I tried internet dating, but it was bad times. I met so many liars, so many scammers, they hides behind pretty women’s faces, bodies, etc like COWARDS. They disgust me, and enraged me, how evil they are. I found and learned how to see signs to avoid them. I gave up dating sites for a long time.

I try study things, life, health, money making, all bullshit. Now I try finish my novels, then write more. I need background on Ukraine mafia, what are they like? Hard to research.

I met a lovely Ukraine lady on a site, I won’t say. She has problems. She’s full of fear of Ukraine mafia she escaped years ago, I tell her they don’t care about her, they moved on, she should move on. But she’s full of fear, thinks they’re still hunting for her. I don’t know what to do. I try give her advice, try EFT, clear out negative feelings, emotions, maybe that works? I don’t know. She doesn’t say.

I feel like I love her, but it’s hard to be sure. I ask her, “Have you forgotten me?” She says no, no, she’s just busy, stressed out over her jobs, etc. Plus flu. She is a very mysterious woman I ever met in my life.

I know I can never go meet her, she’s so far away. I’m a pensioner, half of my pension on the car, I try save, not spend too much, I’m used to that for years. I try study, funds all my researches in health, in books, to study financials, to make money. Too much crazy rubbish out there. I feel like I know less than when I started!

I invested in StemEnhance, no one cares. I invested in Starcsapes, again, no one cares. I paint all the rooms in the house with stars, they glow at night. But I don’t know how to speak to hearings, show them this, but they say no. Maybe they think too expensive? Or they think I use black paint? Dumb! Can you see black paint in the DARK? Of course not! I use paint that is not black, but is whitish, nearly invisible with white ceiling! But no one cares.

So now I go back to my novels, try to write deaf fiction, maybe it will be big. I don’t know. Nothing is sure any more.

Same with the lovely lady, I don’t understand her, I admit, just little bit from what she says. Now I wait for her, what else is there to do? I wait, study, use EFT to clear old emotions out of me, and get better a little bit at a time.

russian bride for dating

But I love her, I feel connection, I LIKE her. She’s amazing, been through bad times, that will make a good woman tough! That is what I want to be my future wife, and future mother of my children, that is all I want. I want my woman to be happy with me, never worry, and I am an one-woman faithful man! I wait years, staying single, never touch women out there, I am CHOOSY! Woman must be honest, faithful, trustworthy, or they’re not worth to me.

I see what FEMINISM does to women, makes women crazy, disgusting; I want nothing to do with them. They disgust me.

I want a normal feminine woman who is loyal, honest, faithful, and trustworthy. To her I stay faithful, as long as she’s mine and never betray me, ever. If she betrays me, I go, bye. I don’t trust women that much. Because of this one issue. Trust is EARN, not given freely!

To be continued….



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. frank says:

    Yes there are a lot of beautiful women in Ukraine , they need love and not a man that just want to go to bed with them. . If the man want to go to bed with you he should marry you . I can say this because I was ounce A play boy , you have to get your heart broken , love the woman and treat her with love . old school

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