Ricky D reports: The 1st romantic trip to Ukraine

Two weeks ago I finally met the girl in Sumy and omg what a sensational experience it was! I thought I would share my experience. Looking for a Ukrainian woman for marriage is the best ever.

The drive drove ninety miles an hour and I made it there in record time in only 4 hours. The ride was like being on a roller coaster up and down and up and down constantly hitting every pot hole in the road. The temperature was about 35 degrees and I am sure glad that the European Championship Football will be in Poland and the Ukraine next year. The roads are finally being repaired and won’t be so bumpy.

I stayed in the Apartment Rose building in the center of town. It was very comfortable and everything was close by. The man who takes care of the apartments was very pleasant and helpful showing me everything.

At 8 pm I arrived at the apartment. I knew the office to meet the girl closed at 9 pm and I hurried to meet her. The girl had a translator there to help interpret for us. I arrived at 9:30 pm and they were nice enough to wait for me even though they closed at 9 pm. It was a brief 3 minute walk from the apartment.

Romatic Tour to Ukraine

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The girl was spectacular and very cool and our interpreter was awesome. For 4 days we traveled the countryside enjoying each others company, hanging out, grilling on a BBQ, boating in a lake and riding horses. She had our time together planned and we had a great time together.

Everything and everywhere we went was so inexpensive and cheap. The restaurants had great food and wine and costs next to nothing for three courses. How could you go wrong? The taxi charged very little to take me around and I had a fabulous time here.

I went through an agency to meet the girl called UA Dreams/Sumy Dreams. Even though I have heard about people being scammed, I had a great time and the girl totally “entertained” me in more ways than one. It was comfortable and the experience was unbelievable to say the least. Before I jumped into meeting this girl I researched the agency and even though there were a few unfavorable comments, I thought I might try it. I must say that the whole experience was banging and I had a ball and would do it again.

I enjoyed myself so much that I am going to meet her again soon. This time it will be just her and I with no interpreter. Who needs an interpreter anyways? Communication is not that hard even though we both speak different languages. You can point and smile and figure it out on our own. In a month or so I am flying back to hook up with her again. Finding an Ukrainian woman for marriage is the way to go.

So if you want an exciting time meeting a foreign girl take a chance on the agency I went through and have an outstanding time in a new country meeting a great girl. This was my adventure and I thought I would share it with everyone. 🙂

(Report Source: http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php?topic=14426.0)

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  1. Larry says:

    Dear Ricky,

    You are so lucky! I spend a lot in online communications and had my first trip to Ukraine last month. Experienced by myself most of the bad dating experience I read from this site.

    I would like to know which agent that you used. May be I can have better luck with that agent.

    Thanks & regards,

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