Russian Dating Video: Email Order Bride (Part 1 of 3 )

When the Wild West was an unsettled and intimidating place, many men who ventured there alone found that they did not want to remain single. While it is not known just how many marriages resulted, this situation gave birth to a vibrant mail order bride business.

A number of men in the United States today also find themselves alone and not liking that situation. Thanks to the growth of the internet and globalization, many of these men are now turning to a new twist on the mail order bride option – the E-Mail Order Bride. The reality of the trend has even gotten it a spot on the Dr. Phil show.

From its infancy, the industry has grown to have dozens of online dating agencies with thousands of men and women registered and active on the sites. For American men, the attraction is primarily for foreign women who populate the agencies, often segmented by countries and regions.

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Men will often pay up to thousands of dollars to participate and seek their love interest. For the non-U.S. women who sign up (almost always for free) there is the desire for gaining a better quality of life in the United States. Many also join because of a lack of qualified bachelors in their areas.

Interest in this trend has resulted in the filming of “E-Mail Order Bride” as shown on National Geographic Television. The film is also available on YouTube. In this intriguing bit of social curiosity, the viewer is introduced to several men as they pursue their potential love interests.

The story focuses on potential brides from Russia and follows one relationship to marriage, one to a “maybe” and discusses a third that ended in tragedy. (The industry was largely unregulated until 2005.)

While one of the ladies interviewed speaks of “waiting for her prince to come” the program highlights that all is not roses with the process. Experts point out that the very nature of seeking to bring non-English speaking women to a new and unknown environment is fraught with the potential for abuse. And abuse does occur.

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On the other hand, the program shows the positive potentials for those who pursue this route with good intentions. For many individuals they are simply grasping the opportunity for a loving relationship with a lifetime mate that they have failed to find in their own day to day world.

Email Order Bride: business of arranging marriages across thousands of miles and cultural borders




Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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