Russian dating video: From Russia with Lust

What is hotter to an American man than a Russian woman? The answer is a Russian woman – spy. It seems American men are obsessed with Russian women, as evidenced in the large number of web sites concerned with Russian mail-order brides, Russian women’s personals, photos, descriptions and informative articles on how to find and meet Russian women. Simply running an Internet search on the topic of Russian Women will bring up thousands of “hits”.

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This obsession took a unique turn when the very attractive 32 year old Anna Chapman, a Russian woman living in New York City, was arrested and charged with espionage in June 2010. Since then she has graced the pages of Maxim magazine with steamy images, and been a topic on numerous late night talk shows.

The U.S. Justice Department revealed the comely Miss Chapman to be a member of a group called the Illegals by their agents. The members were arrested for spying on “American information” and using fake passports.

Though few real details have been disclosed, the US deported the alleged lady spy back to Russia, and revoked her real passport. Since then she has appeared regularly on Russian television, and been featured on the models fashion runways in other countries. Still a favorite of American men, she often appears in magazines and on numerous websites.

russian women

Just what is at the root of the fascination that American men have with Russian women? It could be a hold over from the cold war era, where the Russian gals were the forbidden fruit, and a non-obtainable object of secret passions.

It could be due to the exotic nature of their heritage, many with Asian features combined with a Scandinavian and Middle Eastern look. Whatever the reason, the obsession exists, even today as Russia begins to look like an enemy of the West once again. Whether the supply of Russian mail order brides will diminish after the recent actions of their nation in Crimea and Ukraine remains to be seen.

But the interest in them will remain alive and perhaps even grow, as the women of the former Soviet Union become seemingly even more exotic and unobtainable to American men.

Russian dating video: From Russia with Lust




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