Russian Mail Order Experience: Interview with Michael Wildes

Immigration attorney Michael Wildes is interviewed about Russian mail order brides.

In a in depth expose regarding the Siberian mail order bride market, Fox files featuring immigration attorney Michael Wildes, the viewer learns about the process of how to almost literally order a Russian & Ukrainian mail order bride.

We are taken through the lives of Brett and Lluva who met over an international dating site called After corresponding over email for six months Brett decided to fly to Siberia to meet Luba. Though it did not seem to be openly discussed, both were secretly hoping to find each other to be what they expected and become shortly married. A fiance visa was applied for within a matter of days.

Luba is a doctor, though due to where she lives in Siberia she makes only ten dollars per month. She dotes upon Brett and they both see the sights of her home town and go on traditional American dates. She found Brett’s profile and responded to him because he wanted to get married relatively soon and shared interests with her. Brett loved her pictures and fell in love with her letters, and the two are quite a happy couple.

Women in Siberia, who are recruited through beauty pageants, are given free photo shoots and a profile on the website in order to attract American men. Though it seems obvious that these women are seeking a better life, it seems that love can come in mysterious ways as well.



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