Russian Orthodox leader denounces Feminism as threat to nation

Patriarch Kirill, the 66-year-old Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, addressed the Union of Orthodox Ukrainian Women this week and denounced feminism as a “dangerous phenomenon” which has the potential to destroy the Russian republic. The patriarch went on to explain that feminism is dangerous precisely because it takes women out of the home and family.

The Russian Orthodox Church enshrines their view of the patriarchal order which is that a man presides in the home and has the primary responsibility of providing for the material support of the family. In this view, women are to remain at home to bear and nurture the children.

Russian Orthodox

It is a longstanding family model rooted in what is understood to be Christian teachings regarding the first family on Earth consisting of Adam and Eve. Patriarch Kirill did not address any particular need for women to be educated and make use of their talents. Presumably, women have only one central “talent” and that is their ability to bear children.

Could it be that the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is aiming to preserve power and relevancy by maintaining the status quo? If Patriarch Kirill is truly concerned over the rights of women then why not urge the government to enact domestic violence laws? It is estimated that domestic violence occurs in 25% of households in his native Russia with most of this violence being directed at women. 40 lives are lost daily due to domestic violence in the land he is fearful will be destroyed if women obtain equality with men.

It is not as if Patriarch Kirill doesn’t have a listening ear in the form of Russian President Vladmir Putin. Perhaps the Patriarch’s sensibilities have been deeply offended by the feminist group “FEMEN” which has its members expose their breasts in public to draw attention to their quest to end the patriarchal order and establish equality for all women.

Only this week, FEMEN managed to flash their breasts at the Russian president in protest. The only thing certain is that if women achieve equality, it will be the Russian Orthodox Church not Russia that will be destroyed.


Now, if that results in women living in safety and fulfilling their potential, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Put in religious terms, if “all are alike unto God” then would that not suggest that the principles of feminism are in harmony with God’s will?



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