Are all Russian and Ukrainian women scammers?

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Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men. These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men. But the question is that if EACH Russian and Ukrainian woman registered on the online dating site is a scammer? Is there no chance anymore to find a honest and sincere foreign woman online?

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krystyna bloggerHello,

I am Krystyna, your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger.

Are all Russian and Ukrainian women scammers? It’s a rhetorical question. This is a question that is not worth discussing. However, my readers write me mails asking: “I met a woman from Russia. Is she a scam?“, “My woman has 2 kids, is 40 y.o. and she is very nice. Is she fake?”.

Many men believe if the woman likes older men, she is a scam. The Russian or Ukrainian woman does not like him, so there is no doubt she is a scam. Each word in a woman’s communication is read with great caution. If these men find words like “money,” “wish to see America,” she “cannot afford something,” the men automatically label her as a “scammer.”

You are right if you say when looking on Ukrainian and Russian dating sites, many men become frustrated that most of the women seem like scams. Yes, the International online dating industry is full of fake profiles and scam agencies. But it is really unfair to say that every Russian and Ukrainian woman looking for a man abroad online is a fake.

The woman likes older men – it is really usual in our culture. Ukrainian and Russian women feel more comfortable with older men (10- 15 years older) as a rule.

The woman is not interested in you anymore – think about your behavior. Or do you believe you are doing everything right and you are perfect? No, nobody is perfect!

Don’t give up, start getting smarter about the whole process. Some men see things from their viewpoint only. Try to see that from a woman’s viewpoint – these women take huge risks themselves, as well.

Remember – trust is important in any relationship. And you can get scammed in any relationship.

Best of luck! 🙂

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