What You Should Know About the Second Dates with Ukrainian Girls

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You may have the time of your life on your first date, but you fear that your second time will become a complete failure or won’t go the way you planned it in your head? Life proves that second dates are no less important and usually seem more difficult and frightening than the first meeting.

As a rule, they arouse a number of questions in a man’s mind, such as “How to choose the settings for a perfect date to impress a Ukrainian or Russian woman?”, “When am I supposed to kiss her?”, “What should I do to make everything go off without a hitch?” Here are some useful tips and advice on dating in Ukraine from jump4love.com that will help you get ready for your second date and make it go off in the best way.


Tip #1. Keep calm.

Always stay calm and confident when you’re about to do something. If women (Ukrainian and Russian ladies are not an exception) agree to see you again on a second date, that can mean one thing: your first date was a success. Congratulations! 🙂 This way, a woman shows her interest in you and her will to get to know each other better.

Don’t let your anxiety screw up everything. All you need to do is to take a breath, chill out and understand that the toughest part (that is, your first date) is already behind. Don’t panic! 🙂

Tip #2. Know what you’ll do.

Restaurant and movies will not work twice. This time, you should come up with a different idea because a second date is a different level of your relations. Of course, you don’t have to go too far racking your brains over the scenario of your date, yet you shouldn’t repeat yourself.

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Think over your second date well in advance so that you won’t get into trouble of inventing something on the spot when calling her to ask her out. So, your first step should be to consider everything carefully and then try to make her say “Ok”.

Tip #3. Think through the preliminaries.

As the purpose of your second date is finding more about each other, you can’t get straight to the conceived program of your meeting. You should allot some time for, let’s say, making small talk and then get to the activity you’ve planned for you two (restaurant-movies thing).

Spend about an hour together talking while taking a stroll or enjoying a cup of coffee at the café. Make sure that you don’t have the time gap between your main program and that preliminary socializing. As a result, before you’ll get to the date itself, you get some time for interacting and finding out more about each other.

Tip #4. Be original.

The main goal of your second date should be to amuse a girl. You have to set up a special atmosphere for the whole date. How can you intricate your date? Take her to the place she has never seen or where she has never been. You can also keep a secret of the place you’re going to.

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However, make sure that she’ll like your surprise. You may also get her a small gift; it shouldn’t be something expensive or exclusive, just a trifle. By the way, flowers will also do (in Ukraine there should be an odd number of flowers in a bouquet).

Don’t carry too far trying to amuse her, in order not to make a fool of yourself. Switch on your imagination, act naturally, and you’ll get her smile very quickly. If you have doubts about kissing her, brush them away if you see that she wants it too.

Tip #5. Refer to the first date.

Each woman would be glad and pleased to hear that a man has been thinking about their first date. That’s why, recall some memorable moments you experienced during that first time you went out. Tell her how you felt, how nervous you were. In turn, ask her about her first impression of you or how she liked that date in general. Talking about your first moments spent together will make a good topic for a second date conversation.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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