review and some experience by Fritz

I have been in Ukraine many times, in periods up to three months, and I can say I really like the country and the people. But not this agency, and also other agencies I have been to, all the same.

I have been at this agency for two years now, it has become almost like hobby, and it is perfect if you just want to look at pretty girls. But let me tell some facts. You never get a “smile” from someone; it is the computer fixing this. Also the computer tells when someone is online, and when last online. If you write one of the girls, you always get an answer. But not from the girl, it is professional “ghost-writers” doing this.

Single Baltic Lady

Also when you get message from them. Only after getting her e-mail address, you get in contact with the girl herself. (You don’t have to write 15 letters, you can get the private e-mail address at once, read terms carefully), If you send for her some gift, you get the picture with the woman and the gift. After the photographer take the gift back and leave. This is done even with flowers, I think maybe it is not real flowers. Stay away from all their services, they are hugely overpriced.

Example, I paid 30$ for transport, when I go back, I go by ordinary train, and paid about 8$ For translator, you can contact an independent translator (Internet) and pay about one third the price. I had agency translator once (driving a Lexus), in the most expensive restaurant (Monaco, in Kiev) I have ever been. I found later that I paid more than 40% above ordinary menu price, the whole meal cost about 500$ for the three of us. And remember, this is in Ukraine, where an ordinary worker maybe earns 400 – 500$ per month.

If you pass all this, and hold your head cool and be suspicious, you might meet a girl. But first, her lock is maybe some different from picture, fixed by photoshop, or pictures are many years old. Videos are much more to be trusted. And many times it is a woman you don’t want to bring back to your family. They want you to spend as much money at them as possible, and ok, they pay a little back, with sex. Some of them. One advice at the end, if you still want to go for a visit, stay away from bigger cities, good girls you find in smaller villages. I did.

Ukrainian village

Fritz Tuvik



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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