The Canoe Conman and the Ukrainian Bride

In a world full of maniacs and psychos, it isn’t long before the story of a victim comes to light. This is the story of a beautiful Ukrainian woman who was on a site in search of a rich man for a husband. It isn’t a surprise to the general audience, that when looking for a man online, you are bound to meet some strange characters. Beautiful Anna Avramenko met 63 year old, Jhon Darwin, and had a spiraling 3 month affair online, then finally met up.

Anna Avramenko

Ukrainian bride Anna Avramenko

Darwin was on probation and prohibited from leaving Britain due to an arrest 5 years prior. He and his then wife, Anne, faked Darwin’s death and claimed a fraudulent insurance check of 500,000 Euros. They fooled countless people, including the cops, the coroner, and even their own two sons. The two of them had made plans to move to Panama and live a happy life. However, when Darwin walked into a police station, falsely claiming he had amnesia, he was put into jail, along with his wife. He spent 6 years and 3 months in prison, in which during that time he divorced his wife. Upon his release, he was told not to leave the country. Not heeding his parole, Darwin left to find a Ukrainian bride he had met online.

Anna describes him as a ‘sex-starved criminal‘ after her uncomfortable correspondence with the man who continuously sent her sleazy emails and lied to her in order to sleep with her. He tried on numerous attempts to get her alone; however, she refused and their first date was with a group of her friends. She immediately dumped him when she found out that as soon as he returns to Britain, he will be jailed for his parole violation. Travelling 1,700 miles from his home, Darwin finds himself up a creak without a paddle, once again.

Canoe conman John Darwin

Canoe conman John Darwin

Miss Avramenko has a 6 year old daughter and is looking for a husband who will take care of them. Unfortunately, her encounter with Darwin was not written in the stars as a romantic love affair. Darwin boasted about his abilities to please a woman and bragged about his popularity and how much he was wanted by other women. He was incredibly sleazy and attempted to sleep with Avramenko by lying and telling her that Westerners have sex on their first date. He tried to encourage her that he was not looking for sex from a hot girl, except that he was interested in finding a wife.

However, his actions spoke otherwise and when a reporter confronted him during his date, Darwin reportedly had a migraine. When he was informed about his arrest when he arrived back in Britain, he claimed that his migraine got worse. Miss Avramenko did not initially want to meet up with Darwin, but was persuaded by his persistence and her need to find a suitable husband. She quickly ended the date and refuses to have any contact with Darwin after finding out that he was a criminal.

Darwin currently resides in a bungalow in Seaton Carew that is estimated to cost 100,000 Euros. He receives a measly pension check of only 138 Euros a week, hardly a ‘rich man.’ He will receive a warrant as soon as he returns to Britain and will find himself back in jail, losing everything he owns. It is unclear to the authorities how he managed to leave the country and if he falsified travel documents to do so. His original passport was not to be returned to him until the next March, when his parole would be up.

It goes to show that you have to be wary with people you meet online. Anyone can make up a story and pretend to be who they are not. Darwin, a money hungry criminal, was such a person. This self-professed womanizer was a no good, money hungry, crook; who set out to use Miss Avramenko for his own sexual needs.

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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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