The Russian & Ukrainian mail order bride trade is more than successful

There is an old saying that “You can’t buy love.” However, in the fast-paced world we are living in today, many people have also forgotten that love is something that takes time and effort on top of money. Greasing the wheels and making things simpler is that fact that you are now able to meet potential partners, if you use the internet to find what normal people are terming as mail order brides. The misconception that most people have, when they hear this term is that the girl is nothing more than an object that a person owns.

We are not living in a world where we are trading slaves. The women that we are looking to spend the rest of our lives with should not be viewed as objects. People that have reached a certain age will have different criteria’s, when they are looking for their partners this actually makes things harder since women also have different views on men. It is a known-fact that many people who get married at an early age, end up getting divorced because they start fighting over money problems.

So to find the right balance between money and love is already not an easy task, and when a guy focuses on his career. That single mindset will destroy any marriage or love life the person has, if he is not able to balance both his career and love. When the time comes that the male is able to stabilize his income, to be able to give a woman a comfortable life. He is left looking at the fact that his surrounding friends or people he knows are all already attached or in a relationship. The only option left is either to find a younger woman, or to give up looking for love altogether.

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When we look at the “Business” of mail order brides, some people might find it distasteful as they view this as human trading. The real fact of the matter is that this is nothing more than a dating service, where the girls already have a very clear mindset on the right kind of man they are looking for. Since the successful man already has enough income to provide for his partner, should someone of that caliber settle for a life of loneliness? Women hate to admit the fact that, they are looking for exactly the same thing in a man.

However, the fact remains that if you ask women about the kind of man she is looking for, the answers that come from her will result in an older more matured man. “Mail order brides” are nothing more than women who already know what they are looking for at a very young age. Is it true love or is it nothing more than a way to a better life? This is something that only both parties in a relationship can answer, but when you look at the fact that this industry is booming. It is very clear that no matter the answer, this will be here to stay, and in the future it might become as common as dating.



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