To Russia For Love: A look at “mail order brides”

There are many thoughts that may come to mind when you hear the words mail order brides. We have heard about it in movies, television shows, and in written articles. Not everyone really understands how the process works or why someone would choose to either be a mail order bride or choose one as a wife.

In the video “To Russia For Love: Mail Order Brides” it dives into what the ladies featured as a Russian mail order bride are really looking for and why men are really after it.

to russia with love

Like women all over the world, the desire to have a successful loving spouse at your side is what fuels these beautiful women to search outside of their homes for their husbands. To quote Daniel, a journalist featured in this video “There is a lot of pretty women who can not find a decent husband. A lot of Russian men who are not married are either drinkers or don’t make enough money.” These ladies want to be taken care of and have the best life they can live.

Then you may wonder why so many men are finding themselves either browsing a webpage or contact an agency to look through catalogs. The ladies featured on these pages are not only very beautiful, but intelligent. Each one of the women interviewed are beautiful and as you can tell they are well studied. They also have very moral beliefs and as Andrey, a marriage broker put it “Russian women are true women.”

Their goal is to take care of their husband, kids, and the house. It also does address the stereotype over the kind of men who use this service. While there may be some that are not the greatest, there are many who are extremely successful professional men. As Elena, a Russian bride put it as to why men pick this service “The reason: I’m successful, with lots of money. I can afford any woman I want and I want someone who is on my level.”

This video really pulls you in and gives you a first hand view of what really matters in this mail order industry. You are able to soak in a lot of information and can relate to these ladies that are hoping to find a wonderful family filled life with a man from another country.

To Russia For Love: Mail Order Brides



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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