Ukraine News: Polish Consular Official Involved in Sexual Slavery Scandal

Ukraine’s State Border Service announced that it has put an end to a sexual slavery channel involving both Ukraine and Germany. Employees of the Polish Consulate, located in Lutsk, were involved by issuing fraudulent visas that allowed transportation across the two nations.

Reports say that this criminal scandal was initially discovered in December of 2011, but nothing was done about it up until this point. This particular sexual slavery operation revolved around enslaving women and transporting them to Germany using the illegally obtained visas.

The State Border Service took care of the issue by working with local officials and members of foreign law enforcement. After the criminal activity was uncovered, the Polish Consulate fired every one of its employees, including the consul general, stationed in Lutsk.

The Foreign Ministry of Poland issued a statement saying that this event would not in any way affect the way visas are issued to Ukrainian citizens.




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