Ukrainian dating experience from a Ukrainian woman’s point of view


I found this site in the internet and read the comments of men. Mostly negative comments made me remind my story and I decided also to write here from a point of view a lady – not only men can be hurt by the ladies!

Actually I was also a client of one of the marriage agencies, and enjoyed My Partner Forever – I do not write it in order to advertise it, but state the fact by telling and sharing my story.

mypartnerforever com

When I registered at the agency I warned them that I do not speak foreign languages ((( – but they reassured me and said that the agency have translators will help me to translate the correspondence to me and for that I do not need to pay. This was my first pleasant surprise.

The agency paid my photo session – shooting and it was my third pleasant surprise. After they scanned my documents I registered at the agency, and I started waiting for the letters.

it took some time- and they called me and said that I got a letter from the man-and was invited to come to see his profile. My first unpleasant surprise was that the man was much older than me (“do they used to do it!?”: I thought). But in the photo, he looked quite young and handsome, I decided to try to correspond and get to know him.

I will not tell you all the peculiarities of our correspondence – longing months – but it was okay we exchanged the letters, the man sent me a few gifts, I was really pleased. So after a while we decided to meet. My agency provided us with an interpreter, since I did not know the language, and also very worried.

What was my surprise when at the meeting, I saw a man much older than his own photos (as it turned out, he put the photo on the site which were made 15 years ago) – it was a very unpleasant surprise number 2. So we continued to talk, showed him our city. Little by little he ceased to be held down and began to show traits.

He began to have strange conversations that he paid the conversation and began to reproach me that I am not attentive to him as if he wanted to. It was an unpleasant surprise for the number 3. In our letters have been no promises intimacy and I’m certainly going to marry him.

I wanted to meet him, to see the man’s face, and then take any decision. But the more he was in my city-the greater the number of claims to me, but I’m not swearing than cornfields, and even more so in an intimate relationship. It was enough not pleasant – although by virtue of education, I behaved well and continued to talk.

As a result, with this man, we broke up. Then I found my destiny on this site – by coincidence that the site just called MyPartnerForever and thank you very much to all of them – the agencies and their employees.

But now stumbled this site-I remembered that my first experienced after reading reviews men allegedly offended at women and more on actually experiencing for their money spent. I want to write to all the men who left angry reviews here, mad at agencies and women, be adequate! Evaluate your age and appearance before writing the girls!

Do not write if you think that paying you are buying a woman during your visit like a purchase. If you need to buy woman – it is not in the service of the marriage agencies, find someome for sexual services in your country!!
And I want to say thanks to the men, who refers adequately to their defeats, draws conclusions and not bears malice and eventually finds his destiny here in Ukraine.

I am sorry if there are some mistakes in my comment – I am still not very strong in written English ((
People be kind and believe in the good !!!!




Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. radj says:

    I lost one year savings. I found the ladies on a other site check:
    Everytime i paid €80,00 for personal contact. I mention aftrr 2 weeks ladies cancelled contact. Donot trust agencies in nikolayev or kharkov. I was warned by friends in UA.

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