Ukrainian dating interview with Natalia: I hope, I believe!

Today, I make an interview with Natalia, a woman from Ukraine who has gained negative and positive experience in International online dating. In our interview, Natalia tells you why she is looking for a Western man, what she has learn about International online dating and thinks about intercultural marriages.

Krystyna: Hello Natalia. Thank you very much for that you have agreed to give me an interview. Please tell about yourself and why you are looking for a Western man for marriage and life?

Natalia: Hi Krystyna! Welcome. I am very pleased to do this interview with you!

I want to introduce myself shortly: my name is Natalia, I am 32 y.o. and come from Kharkov, Ukraine. I am a secretary at a small travel agency. I am divorced and have a daughter. Nothing interesting…


Why am I looking for a man abroad? The answer is very simple: because it is impossible for me, a single mom, to find a genuine man in Ukraine. It is a sad fact, but it is true. 🙁

I was married for 8 years, and then our relationship began to break up. We did not see another choice as a divorce. After the divorce, I was a single 2 years (a strange feeling after the 8 year marriage), before I decided to try to find a husband through the Internet dating site. I was so tired to be alone, to be always strong and not have a reliable and honest man in my life. Moreover, I dreamed to find a man who would care about my daughter. My ex-husband has a new wife and baby, that means he does not show a lot of interest to see our daughter….

Krystyna: As I know, you are registered on an International dating site. Please tell us about your online dating experiences. Have you found your match online or not?

Natalia: Well, my experiences have been not only positive, but also negative, unfortunately. I have met some nice men, some strange men, some clowns, and some frivolous guys who have no serious intentions (in other words, sex tourists) through online dating sites. Unfortunately, I have not met my match, but I hope very much I will some day! 🙂

Some men were very nice and really wanted to find a woman from Ukraine. But I just did not feel that this man is my destiny. Communication was sometimes boring and I did not know what to write to this man.

Some men have written all sorts of nonsense, asked to show them my pictures in swim wear and asked about my erotic fantasies. It is clear that you cannot build a health relationship with such men.

The most frustrating thing in the Ukrainian online dating is that if a man gives you a lot of attention, shows humor and great personality; and you start to believe that this man is special and you have a chance to find your match online… However, some time later a man just disappears :(, namely: he does not reply your mails and sms and he is on Skype constantly offline. I think everyone knows this situation and it is not the most pleasant in their lives.

Krystyna: Yes, I know this situation. It is not very nice. You think all the time why the man disappeared, what I said or did wrong. As you see, dear Gentlemen, not only you can gain negative experience with online dating. Also women can be hurt and scammed.

You decided to find a man from another country. Are you ready for a cross-cultural relationship and marriage? From my personal experience (as you know, I am engaged with a German man), I can say that this relationship can be not only very excited and happy, but also complicated because of intercultural differences. You have to learn a new culture, language, traditions and customs.

Natalia: Believe me, Krystyna, Ukrainian marriage is not easy :). There are a lot of problems and troubles in the Ukrainian-Ukrainian relationship. I believe that people love and respect each other it is no matter from what countries and cultures they come from. I believe that if I find my husband from another country we will overcome all barriers like different languages and mentalities.

I am ready to learn everything about the country of my future husband, his customs, traditions, and friends, family or, of course, language. I am ready for this step! 🙂

Krystyna: Thank you so much for your great answers, Natalia! In conclusion, what do you want to wish my readers?

Natalia: Be patient and believe that you can really find a woman from Ukraine! If you think that all Ukrainian women are not genuine and want only your money, you have no chance to find your happiness in Ukraine. I still hope to find my match from a Western world! 🙂



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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