The 4 easy Ukrainian dating tips to give to your own self

Dear friends,

Here’s a thing to discuss about Russian and Ukrainian dating, being as sincere as you can be in the conversation with your own self. Some recomendations on dating by russian dating agency just don’t work no atter how prosper and succesfull they seem to be.


Thing is about finding some points that work exactly for you and to make it you shall open yourself in front of your own personalityand soul, so you can honestly say and percept what is that you’re actually looking for in the relationships with other people and, in particular, with the opposite sex.

Below i’m going to discuss the points i wish i concidered when i was younger and making my ways of dealing with boys. Hopeyou’ll find them as usefull and can apply to your life situations.

Tip #1: Be moderate about the idea of having a partner.

Of course, having a loving relationship is something that comforts and balances us, making us feel secured, seen and apreciated. There are, in fact, lots of benefits (so as things to work on, in fact) about the relationships, but if you, yet, don’t have any or even don’t have a person you’d like to have it with, calm down and carry on.

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There’s always a good thing for you to experience and maybe singleness is something for you to check on right now. If you want it – you’ll definitely have it, just give it a time. 🙂

Tip #2: Be thoughtful.

Mind the point that it is not only time and effort and your life force you’re giving in an out dealing with other people. You actually give away your live to spend with this or that particular candidate.

So, guys, in order to be respectful to yourself and your life and not to have shady spots of regrets afterwards, be as considerate about who are you living your time with as possible. Because Russian and Ukrainian dating is all about finding the right puzzle piece to fit your pig picture and you better keep that in mind while hanging around.

Tip #3: Start being brave about your own personality.

Deal with that worries about being rejected because of your inner or outer features like being too fat, too smart, either as stupid, too complicated too old or whatever. You are what you are and even though you’re sometimes too scared to admit it, you’re just the very thing someone right wants to face.

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Just remember about respect to your own world and representation of it to the others. That”ll not only make things easier but also make you feel way betterasby those means you’ll start releasing yourself freely.

Tip #4: The first date is not the reason for a fall.

There are, of course, the exclusions, and passions you’re just not able (and, therefore shouldn’t) fight, but in most cases you have you head and heart working in more or less usual rythm, you better slow your houses down and, firstly, consider the personality your partner is, try to make a friendly path and go on with care and delicacy, so yuo would’tscrew thing up between you with rush, even if he is a good candidate.

Ask yourself: is that the guy you really want to give your heart to? The true answer may require some time in order to make a particular image of the companion you’re thinking about.



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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