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Baltimore, Maryland — A mail order bride company provider was sued by one of the spouses she provided to an abusive husband. Natalia Fox won $433,500 dollars in a hearing against Natasha Spivak. Spivak arranged for Fox to marry an American husband with a history of abusive behavior. $341,500 dollars of the award were punitive damages.

Fox provided documentation of her husband’s abuse over the years. She eventually ended the relationship with her former husband, but she felt Spivak and her firm, Encounters International, for misrepresenting their services. The verdict took place in 2004 and the judge agreed that Spivak’s firm had engaged in a dishonest marketing campaign. The verdict said Encounters International of wanton negligence, unfair and deceptive products, and misappropriation of Miss Fox’s likeness.

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The misappropriation of her likeness shows a level of brazenness on the part of Spivak that few companies in which few companies ar willing to engage. Spivak’s company had listed Fox and her husband as one of the company’s success story. The picture remained on the site even after the Fox fled to a woman’s shelter an filed the company.

Encounters International claimed it screened many of its clients to make sure the clients mt stringent standards. A further investigation into the company found other people had story’s similar to Fox’s. The Ukrainian mail order bride sought justice, but she also may have prevented other women from suffering the same fate. If Encounters Internationale remains in business, it likely has started it own screening process.


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