Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Wins Damages

Impossible it may seem but true! A Ukrainian mail order bride wins financial damages of $430,000 (£233,695) from Encounters International (EI). Nataliya Fox, a Ukrainian woman sued the US Internet dating site for negligence after having been matched with her husband sometimes in 1998.

Soon after the introduction, Nataliya and James met and got married. In July 2002, she got hospitalized due to broken bones and bruises after being beaten by her husband while breastfeeding their child. She said she has suffered and endured a 4 year abusive relationship with husband, Mr. James Fox.

Encounters International is an introduction service founded in 1993. It offers a matchmaking service introducing women to prospective husband online and specializes in matchmaking couple in Soviet Union and North America. EI website has recorded 257 blissful unions that produce 103 children.

Ukrainian mail order bride

Ukrainian mail order bride

The firm’s website includes women profiles like family oriented, practical, less materialistic, and support the marriage for poorer or richer and even when things get rough. The dating service job is offered and restricted to matured individual’s introduction. It provides the necessary details and information of a person and the choice is for the individual to make. The result or outcome of the couple’s relationship is no longer the dating site’s concerns.

The online dating service has become popular especially for bachelors, singles, divorced and separated men. The Ukrainian mail order bride case is the first ever held against a dating service. The case is a wake call to the international dating agencies to review and revise their duty statement and scope of work.

Dating or matchmaking services do not just introduce any woman to any man but as well carry out background checks. It has moral obligations for introducing 2 distinct human beings and responsibilities on circumstances resulted with the matchmaking. Human rights must be adhered at all times particularly for immigrant women and children.

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